Avengers EndGame Box Office Collection Prediction


Avengers EndGame Box Office Collection Prediction: As Avengers endgame is all set to release on April 24th, the highly expected movie’s box office collection prediction has been a curious one to the entire film fraternity because we don’t have any idea how many box office records will be crushed with the endgame box office collection. For an ardent marvel lover, Avengers endgame is nothing less than a super hit no matter how the story turns out, all we want to see is the whole Avengers who were alive and the ones who died previously also coming together and fighting together.

Avengers EndGame Box Office Collection Prediction in detail:

There is no other excitement than that. When Game of Thrones have been getting all attention and curiosity recently it is time for the much anticipated Avengers endgame to raise the excitement level of the audience. All the previous movies in the Avengers series have been known to have a remarkable box office collection, but Avengers endgame will take the bar much higher than it could break the records of Titanic, Avatar, etc. as it has been a much-awaited movie for the audience of the entire world. Even though the fans know more or less what is going to happen in Avengers Endgame, it is the strong wish and excitement to see their favorite superheroes reuniting to fight against something that raises the anxiety and excitement of the audience.

Day 1 Collection Report: -TBD-

Day 2 Collection Report: -TBD-

Day 3 Collection Report: -TBD-

Day 4 Collection Report: -TBD-

Day 5 Collection Report: -TBD-

Day 6 Collection Report: -TBD-

Day 7 Collection Report: -TBD-

So it is for sure people will see the movie by hook or crook no matter how they have to earn the tickets.
It is needless to say that the opening box office collection will literally crush some records for sure. The later collection we will have to wait and watch. But it is for sure it will be a box office game changer.