Pournami RN 391 Kerala Lottery Result 12.5.2019


Pournami RN 391: Celebrate mothers day 2019 with Kerala Bagyakuri 12.5.2019. Kerala lottery result for the RN391 series has been announced. The proud moment of Pournami lottery result release for RN 391 series just happens at the Sree Chitra center. As there were lots of lottery dealers joined for this auspicious sale happened all over Kerala and neighboring cities. More than 10lakhs+ tickets were sold out during the week 5/5/2019 till today. The 70 lakhs winning RN391 lottery ticket reached apart from Kerala, the sale focussed in Karnataka and Tamilnadu states as well. Let us discuss more on Pournami lottery RN391 in detail below.

Pournami RN 391 Kerala Lottery Result 12.5.2019 in detail

The Sunday lottery draw of Pournami RN 391 coming to an end after the declaration of its results from Sree Chitra auditorium. As the committee of Kerala Bagyakuri made a good arrangement manner of result declaration. People of Kerala really excited to know their RN391 Kerala lottery result 12.5.2019 updated. Considering the fact, the Pournami RN391 Lottery Result followed the format of 4 and 6 digit series.

Recently, RW 448194 selected as the winner in draw updated on 5/5/2019. Considering all the stipulation, the winners have been announced by the committee of Kerala lottery board. As the ticket draw result on upcoming Monday updates of Win Win W512. Well, heading the ticket sale into the last day, there were reported the W512 tickets making the biggest sale in history. Well, it was seen that the drop of sale updated in Malabar regions while considering with southern part of Kerala sale.

How to check your Pournami RN 391 Kerala Lottery Result Online?

Considering all stipulation, the sale for RN391 ticket made a success. Let us follow some key points given below to check the results online. As if you are a newbie, the below guidelines will help you to check RN391 results of Pournami Bagyakuri online.

  • Go through RN 391 tickets and make sure the draw updated on 12.5.2019.
  • Cross check the series, subseries as well as important remarks at the Pournami lottery ticket scheduled on 12.5.2019.
  • Download the results of Pournami RN 391 from this page and cross check with the ticket you collected from the store.
  • If you found any last 4 digits of RN391 matching with the winning numbers updated here, kindly make sure about the winning prize.
  • Alike the same, check for 6 digit series of Sunday draw on the same ticket.
  • You are done, collect prize money of Kerala lottery RN391 as recommended.

Final verdict:

If you have confusion over the draw for Pournami RN391 Kerala Lottery scheduled for Sunday, keep in updated with our comment box to check with us.