The Lesser Known Perks of using e-Learning Apps


Online learning has been on a rise in recent years and the whys and wherefores of it are obvious. E-learning apps have gained so much popularity. Simply for their convenience compared to the brick and mortar learning system.

A decent education is, in fact, a basic human right and many children in the rural areas are deprived of it. Students have to travel miles to reach schools — the education quality and standard of which are not even up to the mark. On that note, the emergence of educational apps for students has undoubtedly proven to be a boon.

Online learning has enabled students to learn better as well. The curious young minds are more likely to grasp any concept better through multimedia. Smart learning apps like Toppscholars, with their captivating displays and video lectures in 3D animation. Generally, it aims to keep students more interested in studies. The more precise and crisp the learning contents are, students are likely to learn better. However, the thick textbooks and long hours of lectures in traditional classrooms tend to make students lose their interests. Studies have shown that students learn better through online platforms using multimedia content than in traditional classroom learning.

By offering bite-sized content and lectures, educational apps for students will help them restore their passion for learning. But are convenience, flexibility, and factors like cost are the only valid reasons to opt for e-learning apps?

Today, one of the pressing concerns across the globe is the need to curb environmental pollution. Leaders are holding various meetings to discuss the issues of climate change, and climate activists are stepping up to raise awareness. However, the responsibility towards the planet does not begin and end with them. Are you, as a resident of the earth doing your bit for the environment?

Paper production is among the major causes of air pollution, alongside plastic. Even though it can be decomposed, but during the process of decomposition, it produces a huge amount of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas with a number of harmful effects.

In this regard, e-learning apps play a significant role in lessening the use of papers. How many guidebooks do we purchase to prepare for exams, only to discard them later or sell them off to scrap dealers? So aren’t educational apps for students a more viable option?

Toppscholars offers an extensive range of study materials covering the entire syllabus of various boards. In addition, these ICSE and CBSE learning apps have adaptive practice questions and mock tests for students to track their progress record. When just one app can fulfill the purpose of several guidebooks, it is obvious that it is the former that we should be opting for.