Oscar Winners 2020 List 92nd Academy Awards


The official Oscar Winners 2020 List 92nd Academy Awards is out now. The most awaited moment of OSCAR 2020 update is live here with us. You can check the update of Live streaming 24 category awards as per scheduled. The committee of Oscar made the presentation in the presence of award winning celebrity guest and the before the higher officials.The OSCAR 2020 is presented by AMPAS at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. However, that was a thrilling moment for all the Oscar nominees of 2020 and the success of presentation thrilled the fans. As the winner announcement made earlier this  year and let us take a look on it in detail as presented by AMPAS.

92nd Academy Awards Oscar Winners 2020 updates

The TV channels, news medias everything has ready up for the show to present the Live streaming event so earlier. As the presentation is taking place at Dolby Theater in Hollywood will be the yet another exciting one in the eye of everyone.

24 Category 2020 Academy Awards Winners   Check-in Detail
Best Picture winner            Announced
Best Director winner            Announced
Best Actor winner            Announced
Best Actress winner            Announced
Best Supporting Actor winner            Announced
Best Supporting Actress winner            Announced
Best Original Screenplay winner            Announced
Best Adapted Screenplay winner            Announced
Best Animated Feature Film winner            Announced
Best Foreign Language Film winner            Announced
Best Documentary – Feature winner            Announced
Best Documentary – Short Subject winner            Announced
Best Live Action Short Film winner            Announced
Best Animated Short Film winner            Announced
Best Original Score winner            Announced
Best Original Song winner            Announced
Best Sound Editing winner            Announced
Best Sound Mixing winner            Announced
Best Production Design winner            Announced
Best Cinematography winner            Announced
Best Makeup and Hair styling winner            Announced
Best Costume Design winner            Announced
Best Film Editing winner            Announced
Best Visual Effects winner            Announced

Oscar Winners 2020 presentation made a thrilled for the fans all around the world. Every eyes are excited to watch the winner announced and you are one among the same right. Do you wish to know who all the winners of the Oscar 92nd Academy awards? Stay refreshed with this page to find the official winners for the academy winners in details with us.

There will be special candidate for you in the list as the 2020 nominees. The final judgement is based on the Oscar voting and as per the best thing made the winner special listed in the category.