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Quarter 1 of 2020, the year of digitalization is almost over. Are you right on the pace with the changing trends and technologies of the industry? Get the reality check done of your organization by answering simple questions related to workflow and management:

1. How long does it take to get real-time reports of a project or process?
2. Are you able to fetch accurate data whenever needed to make critical business decisions?
3. Is GST filing a troublesome task for you?
4. Are your employees complaining about the current software?
5. Is the data that you gain via current software readable and understandable enough to make a difference to your company?

Not too difficult questions. Take out just one minute from your busy schedule for analysis. If you are able to answer all these questions with a strong voice and confidence – you are doing great already. But, if the answer to most of the questions is nothing but a ‘Big NO’, you need to take some steps soon to cover up the same.

How to Combat this Ongoing Hassle?

The only solution to your ongoing mismanagement in the organization is by ditching your legacy software with the one with proven capabilities. Spend some time with your team and understand their difficulties patiently, this will help you realize the needs and objectives of having an ERP in your organization. For example, it could be the lack of access to the real-time inventory-related data if you are into supplying business that is holding you back from timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. If you replace your current system with a robust system, I’m sure you would never fail in delivering your best before the dead-lines.

This again leads to the most significant question:

If ERP is a Solution – How to Find the Best One?

To help you simplify and refine your search, we’re always here to help you. SAP Business One – intelligent software popular in the industry among small to medium size company owners is one the robust software that helps you achieve more than you define. SAP Business One is an affordable ERP that manages your end-to-end business functions from inventory to accounting to customer relationships and everything that has a fair scope of automation with greater accuracy and precision.

It gives you the real-time data anytime anywhere on-demand and simplifies your business complexities in making critical business decisions. Also, its unique features of rendering 360-degree visibility across the entire business function help the leaders to keep a tab on progress made by employees on projects and realize their performances. SAP Business One’s in-built business intelligence, helps you simplify piles and chunks of data by illustrating it in the beautiful and creative dashboards.

Not just this, the list goes on and on and its capabilities get an altogether new form with almost 400+ unique add-ons that make it even more efficient than any other system management software.

Are you still questing in your mind whether to get this or not? Don’t be too late to make the move. Make your decision faster before quarter 2 of 2020 begins. SAP Business one is the best ERP software in India that can help you achieve your goals in a defined timeline. Get the same and answer the initial questions again – Trust me you’ll be proud of your decision to Buy SAP Business One in your organization.

Final verdict:

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