Negative effects of Technology on Marriages


In the current time, the world is changing at a rapidly fast pace. The evolution of technology and its excessive use has made people distant from one another. In the early times, people used to sit with each other, and they spent time together with their families and relatives and also their parents and kids. Nowadays, the world of technology has moved on so quickly that everyone is busy in their own business. This is causing a lot of effects on the human race. Marriage is a pure relation naturally brought upon all human beings by God, which he has made compulsory for males and females when they reach a certain age.

Being a human, it is natural to get attracted to the opposite gender, and one should get married when he has the resources. The average age to get married in the whole world is 20 – 25 years in the majority. But nowadays, a lot of people are experiencing marriage issues and regular fights, which sometimes get so intense that they even reach for divorce. So how is technology playing a role in affecting the marriages?

Drawbacks of Excessive Technology Use

  1. It isolates the person using it. Such as smartphones, pc or tablets
  2. Privacy is preferred in using technology from the spouse which causes doubts and arguments between them
  3. Lack of time to be provided to the family
  4. Husband wife sharing some content on social media which might be disturbing for others and later on it turns over to them as an argument
  5. Use of Phones during a family dinner or routine
  6. Preferring phones or pc over the loved ones increases a gap between a relation
  7. Watching disturbing content on the internet may also affect the brain with time, and it might hurt the relationship in return
  8. The constant interruption of technology during love or during family time creates a tension between the spouse
  9. Use of apps like love meter to calculate the love. These apps usually work on the algorithm’s that are not real.
  10. Distraction through irregular calls and messages or notifications which keep one’s mind stuck in there even when they are with their partners
  11. It increases depression in an individual, and in return, they get more reserved with their partners about opening up to anything. Hence, they are affected mentally and sexually and lead to fights

Main effects

  • Intimacy
  • Distraction
  • Depression

A healthy relationship requires to get rid of excessive use of technology. It should only be used when it is necessary, but not most of the time. Spending most of the time with the spouse increases love and relation and makes it stronger for both of them to resist the hard times. But technology may affect or damage the mind sometimes so much that a person might start to relate things over the internet into his own life and targets the spouse. Lack of distraction will cause an increase in attraction to their spouse, and hence the couple would be able to spend their life happily and peacefully.

Growing up, kids with excellent learning and education is not that easy. For this purpose, one must stay dedicated to his family and look after them and keep a distance from all the gadgets or equipment which make him distant from his family. And, he should also make sure that his kids are not too much indulged into the technology or the gadgets being used. This is a step a couple must take to avoid the complications in their life and life a happy, independent life without any stress and tension from technological instruments or objects.