Make Your Arcade Birthday Party in Indonesia Memorable


Indonesia is known for its natural wonders, diverse culture, and delectable cuisine. The Southeast Asian country is a favourite for foreign tourists for the rich experience it offers. They can travel from the urban jungle of Jakarta, where high-rises blot the skylines and enter an entirely different world of dense forest and native flora and fauna in a short travel period.

Another scene in Indonesia is shopping. The biggest, of course, are Pakuwon Mall and Grand Indonesia, each amazing due to their sheer sizes. While online shopping has risen in popularity in recent years, it could not replicate the experience of mall shopping.

Amazed with Birthday Party in Indonesia

Another advantage of shopping malls is the variety of options to hold the birthday party for your kids. One such place is a game zone in Indonesia, which offers a unique experience from the standard home party or beach event. While people think that kids are the main target demographic for the arcade games, it is only partly true. Mothers aged 20 to 45 who belong to the ABC socio-economic bracket are really its biggest market who accompany their kids from three years old up to ten years old.

However, not everyone is aware that you can rent out the entire arcade play area for your kid’s birthday. They have party packages, where they take care of almost everything. There are themes you can choose from, which can be customised according to your budget. To make your kid’s event even more memorable, you can follow the tips below:

Kids Birthday party ideas

1. Include your kids in the planning process — Sometimes, parents get carried away with all the planning that the party ends up very different from what their kids expect. You can start by letting them complete the guest list. A party is not complete without their friends there. Let them choose the theme, the outfit they are going to wear, and the giveaways.

2. Create a program along with your kid — When you hold a birthday party in a game zone in Indonesia, all the arcades and activities inside are free during the duration of the event. This is both a good and bad thing. On the downside, all the kids will be left to enjoy the games on their own. Your kid will have his or her own set of friends, and her other classmates will be excluded. As you know, some kids can be shy, which means they would feel out of place. A program makes sure to include every kid at the party.

3. Choose gaming-theme party favours — To stay true to your theme, the giveaways and tokens should also have a gaming theme. The best thing is you do not have to go far. Your local shopping mall where an arcade is located should have plenty of items that you can buy for the party favours. Typically, they give out party favours to all the kids in attendance. You do not have to buy anything if your budget does not allow for it.

Final Words

Finally, make sure to arrange with the host if the package includes food (it usually does not). However, you can still save money because you do not have to hire a caterer for a full meal. The arcade party lasts about three hours, so you only need snacks and sweets for the kids to have the energy to play inside the arcade.