Things to consider while choosing gemstones

choosing gemstones

Do you know how to choose gemstones? Choosing gemstones can be a bit tricky and challenging for some people. They find it challenging to select the gemstone. To solve this problem for many people, we decided to bring here some factors that you need to consider while choosing the gemstone for you. The following are those factors, read them carefully to get a better understanding of how to select the right gemstone for your custom jewellery from Chamal gems.

Consider durability and wearability

Before choosing any gemstone, make sure about the durability of the gemstone. The real gem has a longer lifetime than its replica. Many fraudulent people are also there in the market, which fools the customer by showing the genuine gemstone and selling the artificial one. You need to be aware of all such entities and avoid them. Many factors determine the durability and wearability of the gems. These factors include sensitivity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, tenacity, etc. make sure to check these factors of the durability of the gemstones before buying them. Try to purchase the gems only from the trusted sources. Doing this will increase the chances that you will get the real gemstone instead of a replica.

Considering affordability

Affordability should be a significant concern of you before choosing the Gemstone for you. Don’t select a costly gem. If you don’t have a budget, then natural and untreated gemstone is the best option for you. Here natural means the gems without any enhancements and treatments in its purest form. And if you have to follow a budget, then treated and enhanced gemstones will be right for you. The benefit of choosing the treated gemstones is that it cut down the total cost of jewellery articles for you. So, before selecting a gem, first look at your budget and then make a choice. It is then more likely that you will get the right gem for you.

Checking the availability of a gemstone

The other factor that you must forget to focus on is the availability of the gem. It is not possible to find the same coloured or same sized gemstones. The availability can also affect the way you buy a gemstone from a shop. You can find the common gemstones like amethyst from a local gem store. On the other hand, rare gems can only be bought from overseas online suppliers. So, before choosing the gem for you, make sure the availability of that gem. The gem that you will buy from an online supplier would add to the cost of your gemstone. Check for a trusted online supplier, make sure that the gemstone you want is available at their place, and then buy it.


The factors that we mentioned above are crucial enough to keep in mind before choosing the right gemstone for you. Whenever you plan to buy a gem, revise these factors, and then make a deal. You will surely get the right gemstone for your custom jewellery. If you are planning to buy a gemstone, these instructions will help you a lot in finding the best gem for you.