BUL vs MVT Dream 11 Prediction Volleyball


BUL vs MVT Volleyball Ukrainian Championship is now Live everywhere. Are you looking for the BUL vs MVT Dream 11 Prediction and to know about the latest updates concerning playing 6. The prediction and the starting line up for the Ukrainian Championship between BUL and MVT list will be announced. Besides, the Live streaming updates share the team line up for the championship happening on 27th June 2020. As a matter of fact, this is going to be the first volleyball championship during the Pandemic. Fans all over the world are supporting the team in the best manner.

BUL vs MVT Dream 11 Prediction Volleyball Playing 6

Both the teams are with the maximum spirit and likewise the fans as well. The Dream 11 prediction for the BUL vs MVT is powered Live streaming as on 27.6.2020. Well, the Fan code update will be much easier to track the updates for this Volleyball championship prediction. Both the team are with the great spirit and the possible line up teams for today’s match update can be collected from Dream 11. However here follows the same and you can check here for more and can create your own team using the team list.


BUL vs MVT Teams Line up Updates

Both the teams are here to perform with a brilliant performance and got stunning players. The above probable team will help you to make a prediction by yourself, who going to win the same. However, this is the first match of the Ukrainian Championship and obviously everyone is looking forward to how the season will be.

BUL Teams-

The team in the starting line up for BUL and in the bench follows for the Ukrainian Championship here follows below.

  • Charnosh Yevhen
  • Nayda Andriy
  • Kinash Maksym
  • Zembitskyy Taras
  • Matkivskyy Andriy
  • Nikita Andriy
  • Brezitskyy Nazariy
  • Zhukovskyy Ihor
  • Isayenko Serhiy
  • Hardash Ivan
  • Turok Roman
  • Boychuk Yaroslav
  • Olovets Yuriy
  • Shumylo Maksym
  • Kerebko Maksym
  • Zakharchenko Danylo
  • Hrytsiv Yuriy
  • Semenov Dmytro
  • Stanko Nazariy
  • Zarivnyy Roman
  • Fediv Maryan
  • Savchuk Andriy

MVT Teams-

The team in the starting line up for MVT and in the bench follows for the Ukrainian Championship here follows below.

  • Oskorip Ruslan
  • Kostyuk Andriy
  • Ratushnyak Andriy
  • Ivashchenko Vikto
  • Pampushko Yaroslav
  • Ivashchenko Viktor
  • Mishchenko Serhiy
  • Babenko Roman
  • Stebletskyy Andriy
  • Nikov Dmytro
  • Buzduhan Oleksandr
  • Hurshal Denys
  • Volkovych Ivan
  • Velychko Stanislav
  • Yakushenko Mykhaylo
  • Uryvkin Danylo
  • Shchurov Vladyslav
  • Prysakar Kristian

Final words –

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