Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Winners List

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Are you looking for UAE Abu Dhabi Big Ticket winners of this month July? Like as usual, the Big Ticket price follows the same with the different winning amount. Besides, the prize money for this month found to be AED15M. Well, that sounds huge and more number of people are approaching this event. Being a millionaire or billionaire is everyone’s dream and with a single Abu Dhabi lottery, the luck decides here. Obviously, there were many other lottery events are taking place in the United Arab Emirates from airports as well. This Big Ticket draw is bringing the dream of every citizen and non-citizen.

How to Check Big Ticket winners?

Government of UAE authorized ticket draw winning update can be collected from the official website. Obviously, this will be a life-changing draw happening in the country of the UAE. As a matter of fact, it is following some stipulation for participating in this contest. Like as before, the sale found to completed on time and the 3 July 2020 is happening to disclose the result. Who going to be the winner of Big Ticket AE in the month of July 2020 event.

It is simply the process of checking the Big Ticket winners list through online. It is found to be there was listed 7 winners in the event of June 2020. Besides, everyone is behind this lottery draw to build a new platform of their dreams. However, it will build a beautiful dream and the first prize is in million and its the true fact that the winner receives the full amount. Oh wow. that is unreal and the people of UAE, citizen and the Non-citizen with all expectation picking a ticket from the store. Furthermore, the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi airport procedure follows the same and though online.

Abu Dhabi lottery July 2020 Results

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi lottery or anything we can say like Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle yet another results is scheduled on 3rd July 2020. The recent winners of Dubai Big Ticket are attaching along here and you will be going to get surprised with the results. Obviously, you can expect Indian winners in all the draw of this event happening in Abu Dhabi. Like as the expectation, the winners of June 2020 figured 4 Indian winners from South India. Wow. that is unreal and the prediction made by experts made it true. Even during the purchase of the lottery, many predictions have been carrying out.

For checking the online result, you don’t need to have Big Ticket login Abu Dhabi account. However, for Big Ticket draw Abu Dhabi purchasing for tickets, you need to hold a verified account. Furthermore, it’s better to have the account in the name of a passport holder or an emirate ID holder. You can purchase from anywhere you are, but the thing is, the account you takes the ticket, should have a verified Emirate ID holder or those can able to enter in UAE.

Big Ticket UAE Draw time

Obviously, this is happening during the evening and each winner from the last draw will be announced first. Suppose, if there is 7 winning draw for Abu Dhabi Big Ticket result today, each last result announced first. The official winner who holds the crown will be announced at the last only. This will be a huge surprise and the Big Ticket Winners 216 series list will be happening this 3rd July at [GMT+4]  Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Upcoming Big Ticket raffle Abu Dhabi Schedule

The Big Ticket price announcement schedule in the year 2020 as follows below. The official cost of Big Ticket lottery remains the same and only conversion charges differ with the Buyer. Check out the winning schedule so, that you can collect the Big Ticket online purchase or any facility out there.

  • 03 /7/2020 Friday 02:00 PM, Abu Dhabi International Airport, [GMT+4] Social Media Live Stream Only
  • 03 /8/ 020 Monday 02:00 PM Abu Dhabi International Airport, [GMT+4] Social Media Live Stream Only
  • 03/9/2020 Thursday 07:30 PM Abu Dhabi International Airport,[GMT+4] Arrivals Hall Entrance
  • 3/10/2020 Saturday 07:30 PM Abu Dhabi International Airport,[GMT+4] Arrivals Hall Entrance
  • 3/11/2020 Tuesday 07:30 PM Abu Dhabi International Airport, [GMT+4] Arrivals Hall Entrance
  • 03/12/2020 Thursday 07:30 PM Abu Dhabi International Airport,[GMT+4] Arrivals Hall Entrance

Recent July 2020 Winners of Abu Dhabi lottery

July Big Ticket Winners 2020

Conclusion –

Further updates concerning the winners of Abu Dhabi Big Ticket UAE list will be soon available here. Stay refreshed for more lucky draw updates soon here at QuintDaily.