Dental implants after cancer treatment


Got any idea on how about the dental implants after the cancer treatment? Teeth are adding beauty to our faces as everyone knows that. If even a single tooth is missing, the shape of the face will look different. For this purpose, one may go for the false teeth adjustment, so the facial outlook and the teeth set become OK. There are many ways to adjust the false teeth, and modern technology has added more to it.

Can Dental implants cause cancer?

A direct link between the both is not there. Dental implants and cancer are rare. Patients during their cancer treatment may lose their teeth due to the side effects of the medications. So, the can have two options, dentures or dental implants. However, cancer comes into view around dental implants due to peri-implantitis. 


The denture is made up of acrylic and metal. They are commonly known as false teeth. It is a process of shifting new but artificial teeth at the place of missing teeth, known as prosthesis. This supports the patient to be beautiful while speaking either or eating. Dentures false teeth are helpful. As a matter of fact, It adds to the self-confidence level of the patients. A single denture covers the whole space from where the original teeth were removed. It adjusts in a sizeable manner that it seems like the original one. 

Removable dentures

These are well-known traditional dentures or false teeth sets. Movable means that they can be taken inside or outside the mouth either as per the needs of the user. They are locally called as artificial teeth. They are not potent to chew food as they have a sticky body.

Dental Implant

The Dental Implant after cancer is available but some people go for the full artificial dentures that are fixed at the place of the original set. It fits in the base very well to keep the natural suction fine. Dental implants and cancer are common and linked with each other. Maybe jaw bone amends with the time so you can contact your dentist for it.

After the restoration of the jawbone via bone augmentation, dental implants are done. It is important for the patient to restore his or her physical condition and appearance. In this procedure, the implant material takes place in the root of the teeth. It does not rest on the gum lines like dentures. It places into the jawbone. 

A Dental implant can be seen with the clasps. Basically, they have clips around them. They have tooth-coloured metal, which has an excellent matching to the gum and natural teeth already existing inside the mouth. They are made up of rigid material. They are not as hard as metal. 

Contact your dentist

It is vital to contact your dentist as soon as possible after cancer treatment to cure oral cavity. However, for the patients, contacting a reliable team is highly important. Furthermore, they are very easy to access online. But, in some cases, patients face some emergencies due to dental implants. Moreover, these patients take time to recover but dental implants are highly suitable after cancer treatment.