Unique ways to reach inner peace from the author KIDHANMA


People born with creativity need no bound. They can make their space in this world with their unique ideas. We know KIDHANMA as a famous author, music maker, videographer and many more. Don’t you think that he is a man who is born with a talented personality? Yes, it is right because the 26 years old young man is famous for a variety of jobs. Learn more about his personality here.

About the author

KIDHANMA was born in Germany but his parents belonged to Iran and they went there. He was named  Armin Mokhtarinejad by his parents. In his childhood, he did not like the traditional ways of learning and playing in Kindergarten and school. The young boy with different hair colors in Germany wanted to be different from his peers. So, he acted in a unique way.

His creative nature never allowed him to follow things that others were doing. While other toddlers were rhyming, he loved to tell stories. The creative kid wanted to be different and he did so. With an interest in martial arts, music, and writing, he made records. He knew that these hobbies are not enough for a bright future, so he completed his studies with graduation in Computer Science. 

Unique Person

The major objective of the majority of the people in Germany, to get a good job and to settle in life after getting married. But, as we know KIDHANMA, he is different from others. He wanted to make his future and life as he wanted without thinking about other people. He felt that his life should be unique, and that can only be possible when he will do what he loves to do. 

Interests and hobbies

In the field of IT, he started his career and served people while living in Darmstadt. But, the author was not happy because he was feeling his creativity was not coming out. Yes, the job was a typical routine and that made him dull and unhappy. His creative personality was restless. So, he decided to twist things. He did so, nothing could stop him. Due to his interest in a martial art, he started training in this field. Then, KIDHANMA started to make videos on YouTube. The talented guy was interested in photography, so he used his creativity in this field too. His other passion is music composition, so he used his creative nature in the music world.  

Author of How to be a Unicorn in modern day society

KIDHANMA loves to write.  To satisfy his creative nature,  he started to write.  Therefore, he was thinking of writing a book by which he could promote things in which he was interested. His first book was “How to be the unicorn in modern-day society,”. The theme of the book is about one’s interests and how to live life as per one’s wishes. Even in modern society, this book has got fame. His aim to write this book is to motivate people to live as per their desires. 

You can access him on www.instagram.com/kidhanma. At Amazon, his book is a best-selling product. His fan bank has increased due to this book. KIDHANMA is his author’s name and you can access him on Instagram. He got more than 10000 fans over there. 

By seeing the fans, he has started to make podcast videos on YouTube, in which he invites people who are in his eyes also Unicorns of Society. The first episode of this podcast will be coming in December 2020. The majority of the people love him for his unique ideas and motivation towards life. They agree with his ideology to spend life and this is the reason behind his fame.