Best House Moving Tips You Should Know


Moving is a major event. A great deal of preparation and planning is required well in advance of moving day. There is so much to do, so it can be very tempting to simply throw whatever will fit into your moving boxes. However, it is critical to resist the temptation for cutting corners and instead approach your packing methodically to make sure you don’t end up having a big disorganized mess on your hands.

The following tips from Gaylord Boxes can help you with packing your moving boxes:

Devise the best organizational system for you. Make sure to label your boxes as you are packing. Organize your moving boxes by room and also maintain a detailed inventory of every box.

Use the right size boxes for your belongings. Use small boxes for heavy objects like books. If you use too large of a box for heavy items it could injure someone who is trying to move it, rip the box, or damage your property. Your goal should be to keep the weight under 40 pounds on all of your moving boxes.

Use filler as you are packing moving boxes. Linens, towels, blankets, and packing paper can help to protect your belongings and help to avoid your boxes getting crushed while in transit.

Use packing tape to securely tape the tops and bottoms of your boxes. That will help to protect against your belongings becoming damaged or lost and prevent the bottoms of the boxes from falling out.

You should use the appropriate padding to pack fragile items. Good padding choices include bubble wrap, paper, and foam.

When using packing materials, don’t be cheap. Not having the right packing materials to use with your moving boxes can result in costly damage, which can end up costing you more money over the long run.