Why you should Use Text RSVP on Your Wedding Invitations

Text RSVP on Your Wedding Invitations

Due to the advantages they offer, online wedding RSVPs are becoming increasingly popular. You can deliver online wedding RSVPs using a variety of rsvp text message applications. Marriages are difficult to plan, and completing all of the wedding arrangements is a difficult challenge. You must plan your entire expenditures and invest money in accordance with it. In this case, online wedding RSVPs are very useful because they make wedding planning simpler by removing the need to submit RSVPs in the form of cards.

Only by selecting the best platform for sending such invites, these online wedding RSVPs will be helpful for you. There are several applications available on the web and in the Appstore, so choose the best text invitations app to take advantage of it. You could invite guests using such applications by sending them the messages of invitation. These applications are simple to use and understand, and they can be used by anyone. Several people are unaware of the advantages of online wedding RSVPs, and they want to know the reasons to use these invitations apps, which is why we are writing this post to educate those who are unaware.

Your guests can instantly receive invitations:

Sending an invitation by text message via the internet is similar to sending a text message to someone. The other person gets them right away, and he or she does not need to wait for several days for the mail. So, the first reason to use online wedding RSVPs is that your guests will receive the invites immediately, and they do not have to wait long to figure out the location, time, and date of your marriage.

No need of updating the guest list on your own:

You don’t need to edit the guest list because online wedding RSVP applications update it based on the invites you deliver. Less workload provides you more time, which you can use to plan anything special for your reception. Additionally, you can make mistakes when editing the guest list, but the software tool is error-free. It will correctly update the list and give you an updated guest list.

When you transmit text message invites to others, the online wedding RSVPs application adds each member to a list of those who receive the invite.

You can send reminders too by using text invitation apps:

You must send invites to guests in advance of your wedding to provide them with enough time to make their own arrangements. Many persons are so preoccupied with the everyday routines that they forget about the wedding invitation card you sent them a few months before the event. In this situation, online wedding RSVPs are advantageous because you can give a reminder to your attendees at any time. You may also give a reminder to a small group of people if you wouldn’t like to send it to everybody because you believe not everyone requires it. You won’t be able to get an option to remind the attendees about your wedding after submitting RSVPs in the hard copy form.

If you give an invitation by mail, certain invites will be lost or damaged in the process and will not be received by the intended recipient. You won’t be able to save the scenario if any guest fails to receive your invite and thereby misses your marriage. By enabling you to give updates to the guests, online wedding RSVPs will save you from such a scenario. As a result, everyone will be able to attend your wedding.

Text RSVPs will save you time:

They are also important in terms of saving a person’s time. You can submit an invite to your friends via text message party invites, so you don’t need to personally visit them to give them the invitations. When it comes to wedding preparation and arrangements, time is crucial. You have so much on your mind these days. Your wedding day would be more unforgettable if you save time and use it to prepare a perfect wedding. As a result, online text RSVPs save time, which is why you must consider sending online text invites rather than devoting more time to this job.

Text RSVPs will save you money too:

Another reason for using online text RSVPs is that they are cost-effective. When it comes to marriage, each dollar counts because you never know when a new cost will appear and compel you to make a decision. In 80 percent of situations, couples end up spending too much on their marriages than they expected. So in this scenario, online text RSVPs saves you cash and enable you to use this cash for something else.

When sending invites by mail, you must invest a significant amount of money. For example, you must first purchase cards and stamp to seal them, and then you must spend cash to have these cards delivered to a particular address. Furthermore, if you intend to personally deliver such cards to your friends, you would have to invest a significant amount of money in gas to drive to every guest you want to welcome to your reception. Both of these factors will increase your expenses, and you will probably spend thousands of dollars entirely on invites. People will remember your reception, not the invites you give, in the end. So, this is why you should send text RSVPs to invite guests to your wedding rather than doing something extra for it. 


You’ll find several reasons to use text RSVPs to send invitations to your wedding after reading this blog. For instance, your guests can instantly receive invitations, and they don’t have to wait; also, there is no need of updating the guests’ list on your own. You can send reminders too by using text invitations apps, and text RSVPs will save you time. Also, such apps will save you money too. So, you can clearly read the reasons to use text RSVPs to send your wedding invitation, and you can read the detail of these reasons in this post as well.