Bigg Boss Season 3 Malayalam – Who is the Winner?


Bigg Boss Season 3 Malayalam winner update: Bigg Boss Season 3 Malayalam – Who is the Winner? Obviously, Bigg Boss fans are waiting for the winner and the same will be announced on May 30th 2021. Due to Covid 19 issue, the show has been relinquished and contestants are there need to face the judgement. The reality shows Bigg Boss season 3 Malayalam changed the moderation to their finale rule because of Covid 19 issue. However, there won’t be any direct winner to the top 5 or 3 contestants to leave the show. 8 contestants now need to face the public interest through voting via the Hotstar app.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Winner

The show is getting unpredictable and the contestants for the 1st time in the history at Asianet Malayalam bigg boss. Anyone can be the winner and its all at the hand of Audience. Audience decides the winner of the show through genuine voting.

Audience voting will be the ultimate and the every single contestants are under great pressure. As everyone know the predicted winner of this season and however, anything can happen. As there is 6 days to find the winner and 6*50 votes for the contestants.

Each day an individual hotstar user can vote up to 50 times for a single person or all together for the contestants. Its audience decision, who to be their favorite contests in the Bigg Boss Malayalam show season 3. Bigg Boss season 2 relinquished 3 week before the grand finale in the year 2020 due the same coronavirus issue. However, the second wave of the same is really affecting the entire world. It happened to relinquish the BBS3 as well due to the 2nd wave and there is one week to decide the winner.

Final Verdict

Audience decide and the judgement days are this week and the winner of 75 lakhs worth flat will be announced this Sunday. Stay tend and stay refreshed to get latest updates of Bigg Boss Season 3 and catch the upcoming updates of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 here with us.