Need of computerized valet parking software in different professional institutes

valet parking

If you own a restaurant, store, hospital, hotel, or any business bringing visitors with their vehicles, you need a strategic parking solution for your customers’ convenience. As vehicle ownership is increasing tremendously, you have to adopt modern technology to align with the pace. So the solution is Computerized Valet Parking Systems

A Valet Parking software is a touchless check-in valet parking provider which allows you to have a text-based vehicle request and a contactless payment system. It is a set of mobile and desktop tools enabling a parking operator to manage everything through the online system. After adopting, you see the difference as you encounter improvements in revenue, transparency in processes, and accountability. 

Benefits of computerized valet parking:

  • Ticketless

The software uses the customer’s phone number as the ticket to the valet, enhancing convenience. Likewise, all the instructions are shared to the mobile number only. 

  • Elevates the business

Having computerized software for valet will also make your institution look more modern and even sophisticated.

  • Touchless

As all the processes will be done on their mobile phones only, there comes touchless service. Besides, customers download an app for slot reserving and retrieving their vehicles without standing in queues.  

  • Customer safety

For us, the security of our customers is the top priority, and we can proudly say that we are trustworthy with all your requirements and needs.

  • Security to the vehicle

Not just the ease and convenience, you get full vehicle security. The system scans license plate numbers and VIN to keep a record of the individual property. The clicked photos of the vehicles which enter your institute’s vicinity support at the time when customers impose fake compensation claims. Sometimes, the vehicle already has damages when they check-in. 

  • Fast processing 

Computerized software for valet parking in your professional institute will also help you reduce the traffic around your enterprises, as the processing is fast and accessible. Thus, however, you get additional time to make things more manageable. 

  • Added features

 Traditional velvet parking systems require much management, but the computerized valet system comes with vehicle tracking features that allow you to monitor your vehicle positioning from anywhere and get it ready even before you reach the parking spot.

Here are some of the challenges usually faced by customers in the traditional valet parking systems:

  • They did not have the option to view their car in the parking slot or track it.
  • They had to wait a long time to get their vehicle. 
  • The security manager, too, did not have any system to convey the tracking or updates of the vehicle. 
  • The managers did not plan for the special event when there is much more rush than the usual days and the traffic used to increase. 
  • Even the operational manager did not know the effectiveness of their valet parking system.

These are some of the cases that the guest used to encounter while using the traditional felt ways. However, we have come up with one all-rounded solution and have all the answers to our customer’s needs. 

CVPS Solution

Here are some features that come along with our software:

  • Personal tracking of visitors’ vehicles.
  • Details of the receipt on the customers’ phone.
  • Guaranteed quality service.
  • Operational reporting.
  • Unhindered details.
  • Survey management.

The Computerized Valet Parking System brings a considerable change with its evolved features than the traditional system. No more need to face fraudulent acts, messy operations, as well as increased costs with more efforts!