The Best Gag Gifts to Get Your Bros for Summer


If there’s one thing guys are looking forward to this summer, it’s spending time with their buddies and having a good time. With the state of the world, it’s a much-needed break from the chaos ensuing around the globe. But what if there were a way to make the hangout session more interesting? For guys out there who love their bros, here’s what to consider.

Customized T-Shirts

For most guys, they have a funny or embarrassing picture of their friends on their camera roll. If they want to gain a laugh the next time they meet up with their buddies, they should buy a customized t-shirt with a less-than-flattering picture on the front. From the drunken pictures from a late-night party through the city to the makeup-covered dad who let his daughter paint his face, nothing is off limits!

The Passive-Aggressive Notepad

All of us have that friend who would rather dance around an argument rather than face it head-on. For these people, it’s the underlying statement between the lines, not the direct message they’re trying to convey. While it may seem challenging to understand what they’re trying to say, the passive-aggressive notepad is a funny gift to lighten the mood. The next time they feel the rage building up deep inside, they’ll have a documented form to express their true feelings and intentions!

The Belly Pack

As men get older and their responsibilities begin to mount, the idea of staying stylish and fashionable gets thrown out the door. Instead, they trade in the tailored pants for cargo shorts and a fanny pack. While these items are comfortable, they cause the bros to fall over in laughter and hysterics. This summer season, the belly-inspired fanny pack is a gag gift to get everyone rolling!

Essentially, this fanny pack provides storage space for cell phones, batteries, notepads and backup tech while out and about. But there’s a catch: the entire fanny pack is covered with a graphic showcasing a glorious beer belly!

The Multi-Purpose Fishing Pole

For guys who love the outdoors, nothing beats having the tools and equipment necessary for an exciting trip into the wilderness. But what about when it comes time to roast marshmallows, hotdogs, burgers and other delicious snack items? For most guys, they make do with various sticks and stones lying around the campsite, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

With the fishing pole campfire roaster, bros can roast their favorite treats next to a toasty fire with a fishing-inspired tool that gets the job done. And for an outdoor bro, nothing beats fishing, camping and having a good time!

The Back Scratching Savior

If there’s one thing that unites people from across the globe, it’s the love for deep scratch. You know, the kind of scratch that we can’t seem to scratch, but once we do, it causes our entire bodies to shake in pleasure.

The next time the bros get together for a meetup, make sure you provide them the gift that never stops giving: The Redneck Back Scratcher! This outdoor-tool-themed scratcher is funny, reliable and gets the job done every time. In essence, it’s a must-have!


Do you know a particularly squeamish bro? Now’s the perfect time to get him some men’s jockstraps to loosen him up.

Lighten the Mood

Having fun with our friends and family members is an essential component of a life well-lived. Whether we’re young or starting to mature, rich or poor, relaxing and laughing is medicine for the soul. These gifts, while lighthearted and comical, show the bros in our lives that we care, but more importantly, that we’re thinking about them.