Fitness Facts: Knowing When to Rest


Taking regular exercise and staying active is important to a person’s health and their general body fitness. Nevertheless, some people overdo exercises with an aim of achieving faster results which only end up doing them more harm than good. Such people often end up causing injuries to their bodies, fatigue, or even feeling intense pain. For these reasons, such people need to take regular breaks from exercising so as to allow their bodies to recover and repair. It is crucial for such people to listen to their bodies and determine when they need to rest. The following are some of the ways that people can use to identify as to when they need to take a rest from exercises.

When They Experience Sore Muscles for Extended Period

When a person performs vigorous exercise daily, their muscles might remain sore for more than a day because of overworking them. Going ahead and doing exercises makes it difficult for these muscles to recover. When soreness in the muscles persists, it is important to give the body some time to rest which is essential for the growth of muscles. Muscles store carbohydrates in form of glycogen which is then broken down during training to provide energy to the body.

Exercises tear down muscles, but when a person takes a rest, they allow their body to replenish the energy used during the activity and also give the muscles time to heal and grow. During rest days from exercises, a person can also engage in activities that do not demand a lot of energy. This will enable them in terms of staying healthy and also active. Such activities include walking, biking, and dancing. These activities do not overstretch the body, but they help the body to stay active and feel relaxed.

When They Have Increased Injuries

Regular training or exercising may sometimes cause minor injuries or strains to a person’s body. If such a person repeatedly does the exercises without taking a rest, they increase the risk of causing a minor injury developing into a bigger problem. Overworking the body increases the risk of overuse injury that might cause a person to take more rest days than expected.

When a person experiences such injuries during training, it is the best time to take a rest in order to avoid major problems. Also, for a person to avoid overuse injury, they need to pace themselves well. When starting a new fitness program in a gym, for example, it is important for a person not to compress activities that can be performed for a whole week into just two or three days. Instead, the person should stretch the activities to be performed throughout the day and also embrace warm-up activities before the main activity. This initiative can help prevent overuse injuries.

Changes in Sleeping Habits

After some vigorous exercises, some people might find it difficult to fall asleep. In other situations, others might find themselves oversleeping or even longing for bed even after having a long period of enough sleep. This is a clear indication that such a person needs to take a rest from the exercises.

Since regular exercise stimulates the production of hormones such as adrenaline which is important for energy-boosting, over-exercising may result in the overproduction of such hormones which might cause a person to experience a lack of quality sleep, fatigue, and exhaustion. If such a person takes a good rest from exercise, the hormones will be produced in normal quantities, and this can help them have a good sleep. Even during rest days, there are important activities to follow in order to maintain good health.

For example, when resting, the body requires less energy as opposed to when it is active. For that reason, it is likely that the person will eat less food. It is important for such a person to eat food rich in proteins since enough protein in the body supports growth and repair of muscles. Active people are supposed to take an average of 1.2-2.0 grams of protein per day, and this should be well spaced throughout the day in order to maintain a healthy body.

Changes in Moods

Sometimes, training and exercises may influence a person’s mental condition. A person might feel so anxious and sometimes struggle to concentrate on activities pertaining to the exercises. This is an indication that such a person is overworking during the workout. When this happens, it is clear that the body needs some rest to enable it to refresh accordingly. Even after taking a rest, some activities might help the body recover well from overstraining. The best activity is practicing yoga. Yoga helps a person’s body to be flexible, helps in breathing, and also building strength in muscles. A person is recommended to take a few minutes for yoga which will enable them to experience calmness and feel refreshed for the next exercise.

Engaging in training or exercise is one of the best medicine that can help a person stay physically fit and healthy. Nevertheless, too much exercise can be dangerous to a person. Overstretching muscles during training or compressing time in order to fit activities meant to be performed for a longer period of time into a shorter period might cause a person to suffer an overuse injury. This is why it is important for such people to listen to their bodies and identify when to take a rest so that they may not injure their muscles while exercising. Help facilitate your rest with a recovery supplement to help your body repair the damage your workout did to your body even stronger than before.