Five Smart New Habits for Chemo Patients

5 Smart New Habits for Chemo Patients

Anyone dealing with cancer is wise to create a strategic survival plan. The five new habits for chemo patients start with the determination to fight back. But, unfortunately, doing things necessary to get healthy is not always easy.

A cancer fight requires eating foods the patient might hate, and then he or she must do their best to keep it down after eating it. Patients sometimes need to force an upbeat disposition even when they feel like crap. Understand, there is nothing easy about fighting cancer. However, patients have to give it a run for the money.

Protect the Body from Unnecessary Exposure to Dangerous Substances

Dangerous substances in the environment are everywhere, in clothing, cigarette smoke, job site pollution, cleaning supplies, and foods. Protecting the body from dangerous substances is extremely important when dealing with cancer issues.

Everyone is affected differently. Some suffer a sore mouth, while others experience sensitivity to temperature. Some people have difficulty eating for long periods, while hair loss is discomforting for many. No matter, chemo changes the way people see the world. So, while dealing with nausea and trying to stay hydrated, additional dangerous substances are not what patients want to complicate chemo treatment.

Keep the Stress Down

It is a documented fact that stress is a primary cause of cancer. The body reacts to everything it encounters; if a person becomes angry, the acids inside your body secret and cause problems. The only catch is, people, do not feel the damage until it is done. Damage inside the body does not show until outside symptoms become visible. By then, cancer is already in full bloom inside the body. However, staying clear of stress might help the body reverse some of the damage caused by cancer, bringing healing elements inside the body.


So many people are busy and feel they do not have the time to stop and rest. Guess what? Cancer makes a person stop. Therefore, patients will find stopping and resting was easy enough to do all along. Now, add these five smart new habits for chemo patients to the list, rest, sit, look at the flowers, and get enough sleep.


One important smart new habit for chemo is eating correctly. Each type of illness requires a specific diet. Depending upon the type of cancer, it dictates the essential factor in the diet.

Some people have multiple health problems while going through chemo treatment, and this makes a consultation with a physician or a dietician an important conversation. For example, some require a diet high in one vitamin, while others require another. Whatever the dietary need, it is crucial to stay consistent.

There are problems with eating when experiencing chemo. Patients may have a lack of appetite, difficulty eating solids, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Chemo treatments are usually scheduled, and there is some recuperation time between treatments. So, when patients are scheduled for a treatment, prepare juices and other foods before going to chemo, then place them conveniently within reach.

Preparing food is certainly not easy to do after chemo, so place essential things very near the bed. If a person lives alone, feeling well enough to prepare a meal can be difficult. Quick meals and healthy snacks are great for times when patients do not feel their best, and they help patients regain their strength.


Nothing makes the body feel better than lots of oxygen getting into the body’s cells and sweating out of toxins. If a person can walk or get outside and sit, the vitamin D and fresh air will do wonders. After chemo treatment, feeling strength in the body is encouraging and an improvement over the weakening effects of some chemo treatments.

Extreme Clean

Placing emphasis on keeping things extremely clean is not intended to reflect on anyone’s housekeeping or to say anyone is germ-infested. However, people going through chemotherapy treatments are more susceptible to bacteria. They can become very ill from things others think nothing about due to a weakened immune system.

It is important to wash food vigorously and place things in the fridge immediately. Keep surfaces clean, and if a person has a cold or some other infection visiting the patient might not be a good idea. Thankfully, there is Skype, Zoom, and other forms of social media to help keep in contact.

Accept Help

One of the five smart habits for chemo patients is knowing people are rooting for them. The family wants to help the patient; neighbors and even strangers want to help. The World is human, with many fighting the same battle the patient is dealing with, hopefully courageously. They want him or her to succeed because if they do, it means they have a chance too. Medical science is getting better at fighting this disease, and many are ready to help.

If a patient needs a ride to the doctor and someone offers, let the person offering help. Take the ride. If they need someone to hobble around the garden with them, well, maybe they won’t hobble. Yes, they will; they should accept their company and enjoy the walk. Fighting an illness alone sucks, so let others help.

Indulge In a Bit of Fun

Pick something enjoyable. Maybe, a fun activity is seen as a waste by others. One advantage of being sick is that people get to do what they like, no matter what the World thinks. Laugh at the silliest jokes, paint that masterpiece with teeth or toes, or open the curtains and name the stars. Make these fun decisions. If you are self-conscious about hair loss, invest in some chemo headwear and get out there to enjoy yourself again.

Do the above and give the body a chance at healing. There are no magic answers, but the beginning of recovery is taking on the challenge of helping the body get better.

Focus on healing. People will tell others how they ought to feel. Stop listening and take healing one step at a time. The better a patient feels mentally, the better chance the body will have of recovery. Maybe even poke a bit of fun at the former adventurous self. Better yet, be amazed at what the now-present body can do, and be amazed. Get well.