How to Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Let’s face it, life is difficult, what with having to travel to and from your place of work, especially during these troubled times, yet there is an alternative to the daily grind and that is to make your living on the Internet. You would be forgiven for thinking that this is only possible for a lucky few; actually, there are quite a few ways that you can generate a living income using the Internet.

Here are some of the more popular money-making ventures that can be found online.

If you have a flair for the written word, you can write blogs on a wide range of topics, with special keywords and links that are inserted for marketing purposes. Search with Google for ‘web content writing opportunities’ and you will get a list of online agencies that hire freelance bloggers. You might have to take an online English grammar test and submit some of your writing, but if you are a native speaker of English, you should have no issues finding work.

  • E-Commerce

Many Thai people successfully run a shopping cart website; all you have to do is find the right products that are in demand; then outsource all your IT and digital marketing needs to a single provider. Logistics can be provided by a local 3PL company, who can pick, pack and deliver all your products, leaving you free to enjoy your new freedom. All you need to manage your business is a laptop and a stable Internet connection. If money is tight, you can apply for a cash card in one day from the leading Thai finance company that has helped many people set up their own business.

  • Teaching Language

There are many online language institutions that connect online language teachers with students; search with Google and take a look at the packages offered. Most online language academies will train the teacher and provide one on one students and the rate of pay is calculated by the hour; the more hours you put in, the more money you will make. You will need a few essential items; a laptop with a webcam and a microphone, plus teaching resources like a small whiteboard. There are times when you need to show proof of income, such as when applying for a loan, which this article outlines. You need to learn how to use the VoIP software, which is easy and when you are teaching, you have a real-time audio and video connection with your student(s).

  • Filling in Online Surveys

This is a bit tedious; sitting in front of your laptop screen answering questions about products and your lifestyle. People do make a living doing this; 8 hours per day would give you a living wage and the more surveys you do, the quicker you become. They do insist on answering the questions honestly, which is easy enough and the agency would send you as many surveys as you can handle.

Working online means you are free to live in any location and if you are planning to travel in Thailand, check the government website regarding Covid-19, as there might be travel restrictions.