Tips for Choosing Your Best Photos to Share Online

Choosing Your Best Photos to Share Online

Taking photographs might be a hobby of yours, or it might even be your career. Whatever your reason for being behind the lens, there’s no doubt you will want to share your work and demonstrate your skills to others. This could either be to get your name out there and start growing your client base for jobs, or it could just be to get constructive feedback and continue learning.

Being able to share your photos online is a great part of photography, and there are a number of ways to do it. Using free photo sharing websites can be a helpful place to start, allowing you to share your best photos for others to view and enjoy. The important thing to consider is, which photos do you share? How do you choose which ones will get a positive reaction, and which should be kept for your own enjoyment?

Here we offer some top tips to help you decide on which photos you should be sharing online.

Check the quality of the photo

It’s important to make sure that any photo you put online is of the highest quality. Before you upload it, check the quality of the photo. The first thing you should check is that it’s not blurry, unless that was your intention of course, as some photos can have a blurred background for effect! 

You may also want to check the lighting, angles and composition of the image too, and make sure you are completely happy with the way the photo has turned out. If not, you can create the chance to re-shoot it before you post it online. The composition and lighting of a photograph can make or break it and could be the difference between an image that is praised or an image that needs immediate improvement.

Eliminate similar images

If you have taken multiple photos, be sure to compare them all and choose the better one out of the bunch. There is a little point in posting images that are almost identical, and you’ll only be diluting your portfolio. Look at them carefully and decide which is the better quality image.

Whether you are photographing people, nature, or buildings, the finished result of your image can look different even from the smallest change such as the clouds or the angle of the photo moving even just an inch.

Check for background distractions or errors

It’s easy to spend all your time focusing on the subject in the image and making sure it looks as you intended, but don’t forget about everything else going on in the photograph too. It’s important to check the whole image and ensure there are no distracting elements or even errors, even in the background.

From a passer-by who shouldn’t really be there, to an object that you didn’t notice was there, it’s easier to check for these and remove them from your collection. You will run the risk of others noticing it too, and it could take away from the image and what you were hoping to convey.

Does it reflect your style?

Almost every photographer has a style, even if they don’t really know it yet. When you look at your imagery, you will typically recognize a certain style in each photo, which is what naturally sets you apart from others. Check your photographs to make sure they really reflect who you are as a photographer, and if you’re not 100% happy with the image, don’t share it! 

It’s important your online portfolio reflects your skills and your personal style of photography, as this is what will help your work stand out and appeal to others.