A Man’s Guide to Fertility

A Man's Guide to Fertility

Approximately 48.5 million couples worldwide suffer from infertility issues, with men accounting for roughly 30% of the infertility cases. Despite these alarming figures, the subject of male infertility is rarely discussed in relevant forums. The best approach to fertility issues is accepting that it’s a threat. The best results will be seen only when enough resources and time are channeled to this cause. The following is a quick guide to male fertility and facts about infertility in men.

Myths and Truths about Male Fertility

Hundreds of male fertility stories and tales have been told and published. There are horror stories of men who went through hell to become a dad. Many people have devised programs and supplements for treating male infertility. While many of the men’s infertility stories may be true, there are few that are mere tales.

Men Rarely suffer from Infertility

Female fertility has been discussed far and wide with the media giving it enough limelight. Overemphasis on female fertility has pushed discussions about male fertility to the drain. That’s perhaps the reason people assume that men rarely suffer from infertility. The truth is approximately 15 million men have fertility issues.

Age Is no Contributing Factor to Infertility

Popular stories about renowned men who become fathers after 60 years still make headlines in today’s media. These may be presented as facts by some people but the truth is they’re sheer luck and exemptions. As statistics put it, fertility in men starts reducing immediately they hit 45 years because at that age their sperm morphology, volume, and motility reduce. The sperm DNA also breaks or gets damaged after men hit 45.

Lifestyle Cannot Affect Fertility in Men

Tales have been told about male infertility not having any connection with lifestyle. Like most other conditions that affect men today, infertility in men is impacted directly by lifestyle.

Ways to Keep Male Infertility at Bay

Every man wants to be a dad and as many put it, they can go any length to become dads. Very few men are born infertile. Many infertility cases in males occur later in their adult life owing to their bad lifestyles and health conditions. Below are effective ways men can keep safe from infertility:

Keep Off Smoking

Smoking directly affects the production, morphology, and motility of sperms as per studies. Scientific studies have confirmed that the nicotine content in cigarettes can trigger testicular atrophy. For those who don’t know, testicular atrophy is a health condition where your testes become smaller, affecting functionality. Marijuana often reduces sperm motility and density, while increasing the production of abnormal sperms.

Lose Weight

Scientific studies link obesity to the reduction of sperm count, damages to sperm DNA, and the quality of sperm. Because of this fact, any marriage involving an obese husband will take longer before they conceive. As per the same studies, high body fat negatively affects man’s testosterone production levels and could delay conception.

Accustom to a Healthy Diet

As they say, everyone is a replica of what they consume and drink. Those who consume lots of chemical-infused foods are more likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases as compared to those who take healthy diets rich with organic and freshly got ingredients. To keep the sperm count and quality excellent, men are advised to take diets comprising whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. They should also increase their intake of antioxidant-filled vitamins such as vitamin E and C, which are known to boost sperm health. Instead of animal fats, men are advised to take olive oil.

Avoid Intake of Recreational Drugs

Steroids and other recreational drugs are known to weaken the functioning of the erectile system by inhibiting the performance of the hormone responsible for producing testosterone. Recreation drugs such as amphetamines are known to lower libido levels while steroids lower sperm count and quality. These drugs have lots of other health effects besides making a man infertile, so it’s better not to use them.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Taking a glass of wine or beer several times a week has never been a health risk. Provided the concerned party works out properly and regularly and they consume a limited amount of alcohol, it could never occur as a problem. However, excess use of alcohol has been linked to male infertility. As per well-known studies published in well-known magazines, chronic alcohol consumption has dozens of long-term effects, which can leave the involved man a wreck. If it’s not a problem with the liver and digestion system, it’s the reduction of sperm count, erectile dysfunction, and low libido.

Understanding your fertility health as a man is an important way to know what you need to moderate or stop using in order to improve your fertility and increase the chances of becoming a dad. The post above has given a better preview of everything a man needs to know and do to keep their fertility at its peak. If you are infertile, then it’s a good idea to get a paternity test if your spouse or partner suddenly becomes pregnant. It can save you a lot of heartache in the long run.