Anonymous posting: A tool that gives you the courage

Anonymous posting

People have always wanted to say something about an issue they care about, but the fear of being known by others makes them avoid it. There are thousands of messages and comments published daily in secret, and this confirms that people are thirsty for such a thing.

To emphasize the people’s right to anonymous posting, many websites have been established to allow articles to be published anonymously. Among those sites is TheDoe.

To promote the right to post anonymously, several countries have enacted legislation to counter any attempt to suppress freedoms. For example, the US Congress passed a law that enshrines that right. All of this is to protect the right of people to express their opinions.

Anonymous posting is an important pillar in democratic countries. For example, if a person thinks about raising a topic, he or she may hesitate to do so, to avoid any ridicule that he may be exposed to, especially if he/she is obligated to reveal their identity. However, anonymous posting will make them express what they want more easily without any fear. Thus, after talking about a particular topic, a discussion will be found between people. Supporters and opponents will express their thoughts. This reflects positively on democratic life.

In a clear example of this, dictatorial societies refuse to allow citizens to express their views. Indeed, in some countries, sentences opposing the ruler may reach the death penalty or life imprisonment. On this basis, citizens will not be able to share their ideas with others. By posting anonymously, they will speak without fear of repression.

Anonymous posting makes it easier to intelligently criticize the other, rather than hesitating to speak. For example, if a person is an Apple employee, and he or she wants to send a message advising the improvement of working hours or the work environment, he/she may be afraid of dismissal or insult by the company’s management. But if this employee writes an article and publishes it under a fictitious name through the New York Times, this will make the company’s management take the notes into account without anyone knowing who is the author of the article.

If someone is the shy type who doesn’t like to talk in public about an issue, then anonymous posting will help them get over that hurdle. For example, if a person wants to get some advice on how to improve his relationship with his fiancée, he may feel ashamed to tell others about such an idea. But if he publishes his story on a social networking site through an anonymous account, this will make him more confident in himself and at the same time will make people race to give him tips for living a better emotional life.

Also, any researcher can resort to anonymous posting if he/she wants to know the opinion of people on a particular phenomenon. For example, if a French researcher wants to find out what Americans think of new immigrants, he/she may claim to be American and ask a question such as: In your opinion, how do we Americans view immigrants to our country? Thus, he/she will be able to obtain more honest answers.