How to increase your watch time as a YouTuber?

How to increase YouTube watch time

YouTube is a prominent search engine and social media apart from a video-sharing platform. Like any other social media, it also has got tons of user-generated content falling in different niches. To catch the eyeballs of the audience is not a piece of cake as there is fierce competition. So, as a YouTuber, you need to know tactics to increase your watch time. 

How to increase YouTube watch time 

The original, captivating, and engaging content gets immense views and likes. You are toiling to produce the best content. Why not learn how to increase YouTube watch time to get the result?

  • Relevant video content is a hit

The creation of video content will be the straight answer to the question of how to increase your YouTube watch time? In order to stand out from the rest, you need to come up with original ideas in an engaging manner. So that people will not be distracted by other content. 

The key is to create content that is trending, relevant to your targeted audience. Another important aspect is to remember the attention span of people. It is less than that of a goldfish, recent studies reveal. So, you should make your videos concise. How can you achieve this? You must decipher your long-term and short-term goals with regard to your channel. 

  • Strike attention with your introductory videos

As we have seen, people online get distracted easily. Once you get an eyeball on your video, it is your duty to keep the visitor by engaging the introductory part. Your first few seconds of the video determine whether they will watch it fully or not. 

Your creative juice should be reflected in the first few minutes of the video. But, you also need to keep the pace until the end.

  • Title and thumbnail attracts or detracts

We all are curious by nature, it is especially true about something or someone we have an affinity for. As a YouTuber, it is good to include an attractive thumbnail and title for your videos. They will get a fair idea about the content of the video as well as what to expect from watching it using a great thumbnail and title.  

But, you should not mislead your viewers by just having an attractive thumbnail and entirely different content. It might not be the best way to attract more visitors as well as increase watch time. If you wish, you can add a stunning description in a few words. 

  • Analytics is your lamp to increase watch time

Engagement, quality, and content ideas will get new exposure if you regularly do a performance analysis of your video. Such an analysis can bring out your fine points and weak points. So, you can engage the audience in a better way with a brand new video. 

  • Right keyword bring the right audience

Your video must have a long keyword to get more traffic and view time. Keywords are the words people type in when it comes to a particular topic.