Kubota & Kobelco Unleash Compact Excavators into High Demand Markets

Compact Excavators

Kubota’s unleashed their latest mini excavator on an unsuspecting market following the success of the U series released two years ago. Kubota’s head of regional sales stated that their latest U48-5 is built upon the U-series platform (tight tail swing excavator) and weighing only 5-ton, the excavator has raised the bar within its category with enhanced performance, increased comfort from an ergonomic perspective with a range of customization options for the operator, a great improvement upon past excavator hire machinery.

With an operating weight of just slightly over 500 KGs and able to spit out an approximate 40 HP, the Kubota U48 stands its own ground. The machine is capable of digging to depths of close to 11 feet and holds a bucket breakout force of almost its own weight at about 450 KGs. There are two versions (canopy or cab) and compared to its predecessors, the new U48 offers greater comfort for operators with added head and foot space which is critical for keeping excavator operator fatigue at bay.

Other features that are worth mentioning include extended visibility via the front glass and a slenderer structure that allows more light in through the front window the strategic skylight for light balance and added visibility through the windows on the left and right of the excavator. The head of marketing for Kubota also stated that the entire design of almost all machines by Kubota has been based on the feedback or input from project site managers and more importantly from the excavator operators themselves.

The intense competition within the spectrum of the heavy machine/ industry faction has driven manufacturers to pit against each other by offering machines that are relevant to markets, practical and affordable, one such notable competitor is the Kobelco excavator hire machinery. The KOBELCO’s ED160BR-7 Blade Runner attests to that fact as the next-generation ED160BR-7 Blade Runner is a 2 in One machine that offers a short radius excavator and a dozer which basically means that construction outfits will be able to own two different machines for the price of one.

With an engine that is able to chug 105 HP and weighing at 15 Tons, the blade runner stands above other excavator/ dozers within its class. Fitted with a patented 6-way extended capacity blade that have foldable edges makes the blade runner easy to transport comparative to other machines in the 15 ton category. The blade makes this particular model ideal for a number of tasks including site preparation and grading slopes which normally require both an excavator and a dozer to work side by side.

The advancements in the ED160BR-7 allows operators to be more efficient and productive as this model sports a dynamic digging force of more than 12,000 KGs which means higher volume of work is achieved in much lesser time. The most unique element about the Blade Runner is the fact that this machine is able to lift and swing whilst moving all the time without losing torque even when it is managing steep or rugged terrain. The Blade Runner certainly looks like a winner for Kobelco!