Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review AED 72” Studio with Keyboard Tray


Every gamer can recognize the importance of a great set up, as it contributes massively towards your playing experience as a whole. Having to sit at your dining room table doesn’t really offer the atmosphere you would hope for, but that’s exactly what dedicated gaming desks have been designed for – the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio (with keyboard tray) is the epitome of gaming desks, metering your every need while surpassing your expectations in terms of functionality, comfort, and style. Having your own Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio can transform your playing experience, helping to transport you into a world of excitement no matter what games you get involved with. Check others out here.

Eureka Ergonomic's GAMING DESK

Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray – The Ultimate Guide

The Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray is no doubt one of the best gaming desks on the market today, boasting so many selling points and advantages that will bowl you over and inspire you to upgrade your set-up as soon as possible. Some of the most notable features that sets the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray apart from its competition include:

  • 72 x 30 inch desk surface big enough to accommodate any kind of setup
  • Full surface mouse pad for total control
  • Weight capacity of 400 lbs for large gaming setups
  • Ergonomic keyboard tray
  • Two monitor risers to suit your unique needs
  • Mobile device slots for compatibility
  • Headphone hook for convenience and better space management
  • Cup holder to reduce the risk of spills
  • And even controllable RGB lighting!

benefits of gaming desk

These many benefits make this gaming desk the ideal option for gamers everywhere.

Space & Strength

Space & Strength

The vast surface area and extra strength structure ensure that even the biggest setup can thrive with space to spare. There’s truly nothing worse than feeling cramped up and confined by your gaming desk lacking any space to maneuver, but this is an experience that will no doubt be a thing of the past when you upgrade to a EE’s AED: 72” studio gaming desk. You’ll have the space host multiple monitors, devices, and gaming equipment without having to forfeit comfort or ergonomics, as the additional keyboard tray and the further device slots and stands allow you to store a long list of items within arms reach!

Gaming Desk Color

No matter how large your gaming setup may be, it won’t look cluttered or messy when you have such a large surface area to play with. Some desks may have the surface area to allow a large setup, but simply lack the strength – this is not the case with the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray. With a weight capacity of a whopping 400 lbs (or around 180 kg), you can game with the utmost faith and certainty knowing that your most valued possessions aren’t at risk of falling in on themselves while you play.

A weak gaming desk could easily give in under the weight of your devices and accessories, and this could do serious damage to your setup – you don’t need to worry about a thing with the AED 72” Studio gaming desk, as 400 lbs is a huge weight capacity that would be very hard to beat. You can add as many monitors, speakers, mobile devices and added extras that you need, knowing that the hard earned cash you spent on these items will be safe and sound due to the reliability and strength of such a sturdy gaming desk!

Style & Comfort

Style & Comfort

Not only does the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray offer strength and space, it’s also totally stylish and extremely comfortable to use. A key selling point of this gaming desk is the fact that it is so ergonomic, as you can play for hours on end at this desk without feeling any aches or pains that you would usually get with a low quality alternative.

You might find that you would usually be slumping over your computer if you have to sit at a desk that is too low down and lacks the benefit of monitor risers, and this can lead to posture problems and severe back, neck, and shoulder pain.

With the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio, you can sit up straight in your chair looking head on at your monitor, without needing to hunch over. The lowered keyboard tray is set at the perfect location to rest your wrists on, reducing the likelihood of you falling victim to that all the too common tingling sensation that can trouble your game play when you’ve had your arms near-upright allowing the blood to drain out of your fingers! You won’t need to worry about scuffing up your desk and ruining its aesthetic when you use your mouse either, as the entire surface of this gaming desk boasts a mousepad layer that adds extra cushioning.

Added Extras

Added Extras

The added extras like the convenient cup holder, the neat headphone hook and the helpful mobile device holder all contribute towards making the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray one of the most amazing gaming desks on the market today.

You simply won’t gain the benefit of so many useful added extras with other gaming desk setups unless you purchase a whole host of items separately and try to stick them together on your own, and even then the ergonomic, space saving design just won’t be the same. These added extras make this gaming desk to a whole new level, allowing you to access everything that you need within arms reach for the highest levels of functionality and convenience any gamer has ever been able to benefit from!


It’s no surprise that the Eureka Ergonomic’s GAMING DESK: AED 72″ Studio With Keyboard Tray is a continual bestseller. No matter what your wants, needs, and expectations are when it comes to the perfect gaming setup, this will no doubt be the most amazing gaming desk that you could hope to find to put an end to your search for the best setup in the business. Find it here.