Jamie Lee Curtis decries NY Magazine’s cover story on Hollywood’s ‘Nepo Babies’, which she says was ‘Designed to Denigrate and Hurt’


Jamie Lee Curtis referred to herself as an “OG Nepo Baby” and blasted the current conversation surrounding celebrity children. However, due to a New York Magazine cover article that examined the recent increase in performers with celebrity parents, the term “Nepo baby,” short for nepotism baby, has recently become popular. Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Psycho actress Janet Leigh and actor Tony Curtis (The Defiant Ones, Sweet Smell of Success).

According to Curtis’ Instagram post, she has been a professional actress since she was 19, making her an OG Nepo Baby. A day in her professional life does not go by reminding that she is the daughter of movie stars. However, she never understood, and never will, what qualities got her hired that day.

However, from Jamie’s first two lines as a contract player at Universal Studios to this most spectacular creative year, some 44 years later, there has never been a day when she hasn’t been reminded. The current discussion of nepo infants is only intended to try to minimize, disparage, and injure.

She doesn’t pretend there aren’t those who try to persuade her that she has no value on my own; for the record, she has survived 44 years with the benefits of affiliated and reflected fame afforded me. But, Curtis said, It’s interesting how she instantly assumes and sneers that someone connected to someone else who is well-known in their profession for their work must somehow be completely untalented.

That isn’t true, as she has learned through time. She has dressed up and turned up for various jobs involving millions of people. Every day she has made an effort to approach my work with honesty, professionalism, love, community, and art. Curtis said she is not alone; there are numerous of us. She is committed to our trade. Happy with our ancestry. We are adamant about having the right to exist.

Everything we need to know about Jamie Lee Curtis’s recent and upcoming projects

In Blumhouse’s upcoming October thriller Halloween Kills, Jamie Lee Curtis will return as her well-known horror icon Laurie Strode. Both parties have enjoyed the business aspect of the relationship.

So much so that it was revealed today that the actress has partnered with Blumhouse on a lucrative new agreement that will see her produce new motion pictures and television shows, including her feature film directing debut Mother Nature. This information was provided in an official press release from Blumhouse.

With the release of the David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis-helmed movie Halloween, Blumhouse and Curtis had tremendous global success. At over $255 million worldwide, the movie became the most successful entry in the venerable horror series.

The movie had the biggest opening for a movie with a female in the spotlight over 55 and a horror movie with a female lead. Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, two more films in the franchise, are planned for release on October 16, 2020, and October 15, 2021, respectively. In all three movies, Curtis is an executive producer.

A writer and Virginia director named Russell Goldman collaborated with David Gordon Green and Curtis. In April 2020, Film Shortage hosted the internet premiere of Russell’s latest short film, No Comment. His first short film, Summer of Connor, was shown at numerous film festivals worldwide, including HollyShorts and Frameline43.

Curtis will star in, direct, and executive produce How We Sleep at Night: The Sara Cunningham Story for Lifetime. The movie is Curtis’s pet project; she optioned the copyright to Cunningham’s autobiography last year. Scream Queens and Anything But Love are just a couple of the films Jamie has directed in the past. CAA and Jackoway, Tyerman, Morris, Wertheimer, Austen, Mandelbaum, Bernstein, Trattner & Klein are Jamie Lee Curtis’s agents.

Lastly, we now have more information about the upcoming Mother Nature comic book/movie adaptation starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The comic, adapted from a story by Curtis and Russell Goldman and illustrated by Karl Stevens, will be released by Titan Comics in 2023, the Halloween star said on Instagram.

Mother Nature will go where Nova Terrell goes since her hometown of Catch Creek, New Mexico, depends on the Cobalt Corporation for employment and support. However, Nova despises the company because her father mysteriously passed away while working on one of its projects. Nova eventually learns the truth about Cobalt’s Mother Nature experiment, which has let loose a creature that could wipe them all out, following a campaign of sabotage and vandalism. Stay refreshed to find more informative updates with Quintdaily.com