Top 3 IIM Lucknow CXO Executive MBA Courses


IIM Lucknow is one of India’s premier national-level management institutes, known for generating and imparting knowledge in the field of management through world-class courses. It is one of only five business schools in India to have received dual accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB) and the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

The institute offers excellence through an excellent and knowledgeable faculty, a learning curriculum, pedagogical tools, and a diverse student community. It provides several executive MBA programmes that will help prepare value-based young leaders to lead their organisations to success. This article will discuss the top three IIM Lucknow CXO executive MBA programmes.

1. Chief Human Resources Officer Programme

This IIM Lucknow executive MBA programme is a 7-month advanced course that helps professionals build a robust professional network, enhance critical C-Suite leader knowledge and skills, and accelerate career progression. It combines live online classes with on-campus teaching to provide a flexible learning journey and opportunity to apply your knowledge.

The university course is tailored to professionals such as:

  • Aspiring business leaders and C-suite executives who want to excel at leading business transformation, improving employee experience, and implementing a people-first workforce strategy.
  • Senior executives and HR leaders looking to improve their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills and add value to their C-Suite roles.

The programme learning objectives are as follows:

  • Identify and implement long-term HR strategies to propel a future-ready workforce.
  • Understand business functions to affect strategic discussions.
  • Construct strategic alignment across the HR ecosystem and beyond.
  • Reassess HR processes to achieve people-centric business transformation.
  • Solve organisational problems and empower organisation culture to improve employee performance.
  • Increase agility by dispersing decision-making across the organisation.
  • Boost individual and team strength to deal with disruption.
  • Improve HR practices by utilising digitisation and automation.

2. Chief Operations Officer Programme

The 11-month-long university course helps candidates learn via live online classes and on-campus teaching with top faculty and industry practitioners, real-world case studies, networking, and a capstone project. It focuses on developing the in-demand financial, business analytics, and leadership skills to transform operations into business drivers.

This IIM Lucknow executive MBA course is tailored to professionals such as:

  • Senior executives and business leaders looking to advance their operational excellence skills and knowledge and transition to a COO (Chief Operating Officer) role.
  • New COOs who want to understand both digital and engineering operations to increase business efficiency.

The programme learning objectives are as follows:

  • Develop a current understanding of digital and engineering operations management.
  • Improve leadership skills to drive value chain innovation and bottom-line results.
  • Boost and sustain competitive advantage by accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Lead high-performing teams with a customer-centric mindset to increase operational efficiency.

3. Chief Marketing Officer Programme

This IIM Lucknow executive MBA programme assists experienced professionals in delving deeper into cutting-edge marketing strategies in order to lead their organisations in a fiercely competitive market. It provides the opportunity to learn through live online classes, on-campus immersion, real-world case studies, a capstone project, and an expanded professional network with CXO peers.

The university course is tailored to professionals such as:

  • Senior marketing professionals and leaders who want to utilise strategic opportunities, create disruptions, gain exposure beyond the marketing function, and eventually transition to the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) role.
  • New CMOs interested in driving marketing innovation and transformation while executing impactful strategic marketing initiatives.

The programme learning objectives are as follows:

  • Improve leadership skills to drive customer-centric marketing.
  • Build data strategy with advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Learn to use digital technologies and data-driven insights.
  • Enhance financial decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Lead to influence and maximise marketing ROI.

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