7 Easy Tips to save money while shifting home


Shifting home is when one has to face mixed emotions, sadness, memories of the old house, excitement, and zeal to shift into the new house. Most people behave differently in this period as a lot happens to them. And they have to do the mighty task of shifting.

Shifting is an expensive process, and when one has to manage multiple things, then money spends like water from the river.  In the process of shifting, we spend so much that later we regret it. But not anymore; the punishment for the purse is over.

Let’s know 7 straightforward tips to help you save money while shifting your home.

Hire genuine packers and movers

To save yourself from trouble, hire genuine packers and movers in Noida or wherever you live. They have years of experience, proper training, and the required tools to make the shifting process smooth and stress-free.

Now, you might think that hiring them will increase the cost instead of saving money; well, hiring them is a big money saver because:

  • They will do all the work to protect your body from getting tired and prone to injury.
  • The equipment they have will adequately pack and unpack the goods, which will ensure safe transit.
  • They will save a lot of time in the shifting process that you can use to do your work and will save the opportunity cost.

Plan your expenses

If you don’t plan your expenses, you ask for trouble. This carelessness proves to be quite expensive later on. So take some time out and plan the expenses you will incur when you shift home. The more planning you do before shifting, the less confused and frustrated you will be while shifting homes.

Remember even the tiny expenses because they can also be a part of the overall expenditure if not tracked.

Pro Tip Don’t go for exact calculations; instead, take approximate prices because this will take less time to be done, and the prices vary for a lot of things while shifting, so the exact calculation can go wrong.

Shift on weekdays

The majority of the public does the relocation on weekends, which leads to increased prices on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, the traffic is unbearable on weekends due to numerous shifting.

Smartly get packing materials

Don’t go for cheap quality packing material such as bubble wrap, tape boxes, etc. Instead, smartly arrange them from your locality. You can get boxes for free from wholesale and retail stores as they have a lot of boxes, and they end up throwing them, so they will be more than happy to give you the boxes. You can get bubble wrap from the furniture and appliances store.

You have to be street-smart with the resources you have; try using bed sheets and socks for packing material. You can also ask your friends and relatives if they have some packing material left with them.

Try to Sell Items that you don’t want

While shifting, you will discover a lot of stuff that is not needed anymore. Instead of just throwing them, you can sell them cheaper to save money in the relocation process. You can ask your neighbours, friends and known people if they require anything you no longer need.

Make a necessity box

We all have seen a scenario in which one cannot find even a toothbrush or shampoo in the new house and ends up buying it. Don’t let this happen in your case; make a necessity box and put all the daily required things in it.

Now that you have all your necessities in one box, you don’t need to hover around all the boxes in the new house.

Take help from friends and family

Friends and family are always there whether it is a tough time or a fun time; ask in advance your friends and family members to take out time and help you in shifting. This way, they can arrange time from their schedule and help.

Doing all the shifting alone can be exhausting, and you might injure yourself. Asking for a favor from your known ones will save you a lot of time and money.

Cover Your Furniture well

In the hurry of packing and shifting we don’t really give importance to wrapping our furniture. It looks like a noncompulsory task, but ignoring this can lead to a big hole in your wallet.

When shifting, there is a lot of dust and dirt in the atmosphere, and if the furniture is not wrapped, then all the dust will sit on it. Also, while shifting, there is a big chance of liquid spilling on the furniture and pointy things scratching the furniture.

Simply wrap your furniture with newspaper or plastic and save yourself from the hefty expenses of dry cleaning or buying new furniture in the worst-case scenario.


Relocation will always remain a complex and expensive process, but by following the above tips, you can save a good amount of money. Whether it is arranging packing material or planning the whole expense or shifting on weekdays, or any of the other tips, all of them can be used by almost everyone. You can also hire reliable packers and movers Delhi or any city you reside in to ease the process.