How October 2023’s Eclipses Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

How October 2023's Eclipses Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Eclipse season 2023 is shaping up to be a big cosmic reawakening, with both a solar eclipse and new moon eclipse in Libra this year. Eclipses mark the times when paths cross in the cosmos. Psychic readings for Libra may be all over the place in October, but every sign should feel the stars shake in the middle of the month. Since Libra season is all about self-reflection, expect more internal changes to your worldview than crazy coincidences this eclipse season.

Libra: Continued Personal Transformation

If you’re a Libra who feels like your entire year has been one big training montage, there’s good news and bad news about this eclipse season. The good news is that this is the point in the montage where the music ramps up and you really start to embrace the year’s changes. The bad news is that you’re not out of the personal transformation woods just yet. Hold on through these eclipses and you’ll reach the home stretch of this year’s journey to a brand new you.

Aries: New Faces & Opportunities

Here is a sad-but-true fact for every Aries out there: Sometimes, you can outgrow your old friends or social circles. Natural Aries persistence may mean that your instinct is to fight to restore bonds, but this eclipse may show you another way of moving forward. Psychic readings for Aries can help you navigate this tricky transition. Finding new connections that better match and support where you are in life is possible this October.

Virgo: Taking Another Look at “Common Sense”

Virgos have a strained relationship with self-reflection because of their perfectionist tendencies. In order for you to change your outlook in October, look inward without judgment and examine some of your long-held beliefs about the “right” way to live your life. Open your mind to new viewpoints and ideas you may have dismissed, such as taking a back seat career-wise to nurture a hobby. Take an honest look at how you may unconsciously judge the people around you and you’ll naturally be easier on yourself as well.

Taurus: Finding Joy Will Come Easier

Taurus is the steadfast bull sign of the zodiac, a grounded friend and a hard worker. As a Taurus, you make easy work of projects and hardships that other signs would find difficult. The flip side is that you may struggle with things other signs find easy, like turning off your work brain once you get home and unwinding completely.

Taking a moment for yourself or truly enjoying quiet time with a loved one is a major challenge. This eclipse season, the cosmic emphasis on non-judgment and self-reflection will make this process easier for you. Psychic readings for Taurus can suggest activities to pursue and people to be around that can help bring joy into your life.

In some ways, an internally focused eclipse season can feel even more out of control than one with a lot of external curveballs. Take this time as a valuable chance to examine how you interact with the world, no matter your sign.