Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result Today 11.8.2017 August

Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result

Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result: Are you looking for Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result Today 11.8.2017?. The Second Draw for Nirmal Weekly Lotteries in the month of August 2017 has been Scheduled on 11/8/2017. Every Friday Nirmal Weekly Lotteries surprise someone via Kerala Lottery Result. Whom going to get Surprised by NR30 Nirmal Weekly Draw for this Weekend.? The much awaited wait has over for NR 30 Kerala Nirmal Lottery Ticket. The Lucky Person who will awards 70 Lakhs for Every Nirmal Weekly Lottery. However, for the Ticket series NR 30 Lottery ticket the lucky winner awards 8 prizes as well as consolation prize for Unlucky NR lucky number with another series.

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Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result Updates in Detail:

As per Current Updates, the NR 30 Nirmal lottery managed with over 12 Series like NN,NO…up to NZ. If you might found any lottery agency or dealers selling Nirmal NR 30 lottery ticket having Series apart from this. Kindly report the same info, on Nirma Lottery directly to the Contact page of Kerala Lotteries. The information regarding the frauds and other important facts on Nirmal NR 30 Lottery ticket has been mentioned on every back side of the ticket. The Lucky member via Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result announcement will be announced within one hour after the official declaration. The Lucky number with respect to district awarded with the same will be mentioned along with up to 3rd prizes of NR 30 ticket draw.

Nirmal NR29 Updates in Brief:

Nirmal NR 29 previous weekly Kerala Lottery Draw held on 04/08/2017 Friday updates are here. As the lottery ticket series No. NR 29 awarded first prize for the Number NS 186256 from KOTTAYAM district. In fact, the person will be awarded with 70 lakhs after GST Value as well as agent commission of the same. The second prize for Nirmal NR 29 was awarded for NV 540646 in the same declaration center THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. Other Prize money will be awarded with respect to 4 digit lucky member of the Kerala Nirmal Lotteries NR29.

If you missed the result updates: Check here for the Previous week Nirmal Lottery Result: Check NR 29 Result.

Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery Result Important things to Remember:

The Friday lucky draw for Nirmal NR30 Kerala Lottery will be issuing genuine report with every trusted agencies regarding the same. Perhaps, if you have taken the lottery ticket from any agencies, make sure that the below given details on NR 30 Kerala lottery ticket contains the same.

  • Govt Black Seal Behind the NR 30 Nirmal Lottery.
  • Along with same, NR 30 maintain genuine seal from the agency that you’ve taken the ticket.
  • Bar Code reader at R.H.S and L.H.S of Nirmal NR30 Lottery Ticket.

Today’s Nirmal Kerala Lottery Ticket results updates and winning number along with the series of NR 30 will be updated soon. Once we’ve update the result for Nirmal NR 30 lottery ticket draw today 11.8.2017. You can download the same result from Quint Daily.