White Nose Syndrome Bat Disease Spreading in North America


A white nose disease in bats! Sounds new. 😮 but the ‘White Nose Syndrome’ (WNS) a true and one of the emerging disease found. People of Metro Vancouver are getting stressed in concern with the confusion of disease spread or not. A couple of months ago, in Kerala {India}, a bat virus disease were blown out called “Nipah” and people were frustrated about the disease. As it sounds like an air born disease and which will spread through any medium that the affected bat in case touch that we are going to use.

White Nose Syndrome News in detail:

Well, the researchers of B.C are really in a confusion regarding the source and how a white nose bat destroys the colonies. The main effect impacted the Burvilla colonies and people are damn confused and in great fear about this scenario.

Is that this virus spread through the insects that touch that white-nose bats?

No. It won’t spread any sort of effect to humans. But, for the farmers exists around will face the huge problem, if it spread through insects, their field gets destroyed. As it sounds that happened during 2008’s in northern England.

How WNS Effects to Human beings?

The white nose syndrome disease which reaches the humans, it will damages the muscular moment first and later  WNS incorporate surprising winter conduct like unusually visit or strangely long excitement from torpor, flying, loss of muscle versus fat, harm and scarring of the wing membrane, and finally the death will happen. In fact, in 2011 it was estimated that rashly exhausting the fat stores for winter survival might be a reason for death.

Is that WNS spreads faster?

Yes, it’s like knocking the door of a neighbor and people should be aware if anybody effected the same, please feel free not to contact those peoples as well as if I need of emergency use mouth covering equipment as use warm water while dealing with foods. Even more, the people suddenly hears about something, they will judge that this person or that person will have the disease and they will make him/her alone. Try to stay safe by handling with the precautions. As the bats were running evenly during the eve and nights. so, stay back at home if your area found with any kind of issue happening in concern with the same.

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