Anavar Benefits and Side Effects for Human


The muscle wasting and the change of lean tissue into fat are the worst nightmares of athletes during a more or less long stop of training. To remedy this, many laboratories have manufactured food supplements capable of eliminating this problem. Among these products is Anavar, an anabolic called mild because of the rarity of side effects it can cause. Currently, many bodybuilders use Anavar during the dry phase to maintain the muscle mass obtained during the development phase. We looked at this product to guide you in your quest for the perfect physique.

Anavar alternative 

Anavar is an anabolic steroid designed to support muscle growth during involuntary weight loss in the event of illness. It is this capacity which is worth to him to be used in musculation to accelerate the catch of mass.
Anavar improves nitrogen retention. It helps maintain muscle mass while promoting fat loss during the cutting cycle. It reduces the production of glucocorticoids, a stress hormone that pushes people to gain fat.
Anavar is called a mild anabolic. Its side effects are rare and less serious than those of other steroids. The sale of Anavar as a medicine is legal, you can buy it if you have a prescription with you.

Review by Users

Anavar Canada is one of the most effective anabolic steroids for improving sports performance. As such, it is used as a product to improve endurance. Originally, it was a medication prescribed to treat involuntary weight loss. After patient observation, Anavar has been shown to be effective in the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis, Turner’s syndrome and osteoporosis. For bodybuilders and followers of muscular bodies, Anavar is an anabolic steroid with softer properties. That is to say, it is very effective in increasing muscle mass while being tolerated by many users (men and women).

Anavar Effects

Anavar is known for its ability to improve nitrogen retention. This has the effect of preventing muscle wasting. For this reason, Anavar is used to maintain the muscle mass acquired by training and by the use of other supplements for bodybuilding. Anavar also optimizes the effect of other steroids by boosting free testosterone levels. It helps to burn bad fats, and therefore very useful during the temporary stop of training. Anavar helps reduce the production of the stress-related hormones, the glucocorticoid, which promotes the appearance of fat.

Recently I come across with an article which is a comparison between Athletic Greens and Organifi and know which is the greener and healthier juice to try for some athletes.   In summary, Anavar increases physical strength and helps maintain a sculpted body. In its current presentation, the side effects of Anavar are under control. In other words, if the user respects the prescribed dose, he is not likely to contract undesirable effects. But as each person has their own physical characteristics, the appearance of side effects in some people are not ruled out. There are acne, baldness in men and virilization in women. But these are very unlikely cases.


The unfortunate effect to watch for is the decrease in good cholesterol and the increase in bad cholesterol in the user. It is, therefore, better that people suffering from cholesterol problem avoid taking Anavar.

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