Ranam Review Rating – Live Audience Report

Ranam Review
Ranam Review Courtesy: QuintDaily.com

Ranam Review: Prithviraj Malayalam movie Ranam official review rating as well as Live audience response discussing here. Most of the audience marked the Ranam movie for a special watch due to its awesome trailer. The new style and the cinematography sounds a great experience for the Prithviraj fans.

Ranam is a Malayalam crime drama thriller movie so that Nirmal Sahadev ( Director) made a come back of Isha Talwar [actress] to cast for the play of Ranam movie. The lucky actress Isha Talwar casting as Seema and many newbies cast for this thriller movie. Basically, the role of Rahman and Prithvi sounds amazing.

Cast and Crew: Ranam Malayalam Movie

  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Aadhi
  • Nandhu as Bhaskar
  • Mathew Arun as Aju
  • Rahman as Damodar Ratnam
  • Isha Talwar as Seema
  • Celine Joseph as Deepika
  • Shivajith Padmanabhan
  • Giju John
  • Justin David
  • Ashwin Kumar as Selvan
  • Shyamaprasad as Chandran
  • Tanu as Thug 1
  • JJ as Thug 2

Behind the Scenes of Ranam Malayalam movie:

Director: Nirmal Sahadev


  • Anand Payannur
  • Rani
  • Lawson Biju


Nirmal Sahadev

Main Starring:

  • Prithviraj Sukumaran
  • Rahman
  • Isha Talwar

Music: Jakes Bejoy

Cinematography: Jigme Tenzing

Editor:  Sreejith Sarang

Production company:

Yes Cinema Production – Lawson Entertainment

Ranam Review in Detail:

As the movie cinematography unveils the fact the entire production has been done in foreign countries. The movie changes the lifestyle, the situation and the decision of someone’s future with a single night party. The fight sequence was executed so nicely and sounds like a professional touch really impacted on the same. The entire story doesn’t tell the crime, there were emotions, feelings, care and even the movie is really a thriller suspense one.

QuintDaily Rating for Ranam Movie: 3.5 / 5

While coming to the fact of a theatrical approach, the audience response values much better than an online review right? As it sounds like I got a great opportunity to figure out a ticket for the first early morning show itself in my nearby theater. As there huge crowd appeared for the early show for Ranam movie. The posters of Prithviraj sounds like huge fans were also grabbed the ticket from the theaters in form of reservation.

A large number of audience is not making a history that movie sounds great. Even it can boost up the Day 1 collection reports as well as the box office collection report. Most of the people approached the movie on the basis to experience a new thriller film as like Prithviraj casting as like in a Hollywood style.

The background music, as well as song sequence, were executed so nicely. The theme music sounds fantastic as approached for the Ranam Malayalam movie. First-half found to started as like Hollywood movies, the approach of director stands brilliant sequence and cinematography made an awesome impact with respect to his own story. As we usually see that, the director and scriptwriter come in a single movie can figure out its best. That kind of support or can say, the approach stands made awesome. The second half part of the movie found to be little lagging as happened in the same first half itself. Moreover, the total approach sounds great.

Final Verdict:

After stepping out from the theater with a medium smile in the face of most of the audience apart from the fans seems like no need to live Ranam Review to be done. Thinks, it may not be a box office approach like the movie, well it has been released middle east on the same day as well telling us, the movie approaching for a blockbuster hit.