Pournami RN 374 Kerala Lottery Result 13.1.2019 Live Today

Pournami RN 374
Pournami RN 374 Courtesy: Quintdaily.com

Pournami RN 374: Pounrmai lottery result for the 374th chronological draw has been announced at Sree Chitra auditorium. Kerala lottery result scheduled on 13.1.2019 made its official declaration by today. Meanwhile, there were lakhs of RN374 tickets has been sold out which has been updated by various lottery centers in Kerala. If you are a part of Pournami lottery draw of RN374th series, then the results can be checked Live on our portal.

As we figure out the results on this page regarding the Pournami lottery RN374 in the format of 4 and 6 digit series. The 7 days sale were successfully started from 7th of January 2019 and the aspirants sound heavy as said. Who going to win this Pournami Bagyakuri RN-374 tickets scheduled on 13th January 2019? Let us see the RN374 series results here in detail.

Pournami RN 374 Kerala Lottery Result 13.1.2019 Live Today

The northern part of Kerala really made the luck of winning 70 lakhs for the previous Pournami lottery draw. As the ticket number, RC 398072 made the declaration in concern with the 70 lakh lottery has been won. In fact, there were lakhs of RN374 ticket waited for finding a winner today. Perhaps, the results made positive and as per schedule, the declaration is Live with us. You can follow up the step by step points mentioned below for checking the results online for Pournami lottery RN-374.

How to check your Pournami RN 374 Kerala Lottery Result 13.1.2019 Live Today

  • Go to the ticket RN374 and make sure that the draw scheduled as updated properly on the ticket 13.1.2019.
  • Confirm the results updated here with the ticket you were holding.
  • The prize money of INR 70 lakhs to 100 INR can be checked accordingly with the RN374 tickets you were collected.
  • The prize money can be demanded on the basis of series you won for RN374 tickets.
  • You are done.

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