Testing that Ensures Right Recruitment in a Company


Psychometrics is a study of both educational and psychological measurements. A proper psychometric test is a kind of an assessment technique which can provide feedback which defines leadership and some specific personality traits as the key features of an individual (if they have it in them) if the job profile needs some leadership roles.

Psychometric testing has become very much popular with the recruiters who need a proper insight into a person’s leadership qualities and their motivational style in this Leadership Test to check if they have the ability to become a better and efficient executive leader.

What are the Psychometric Assessments?

A psychometric assessment is designed in such a way that it allows the employers to check some potential ability in an applicant. These abilities are:

  • Mental strength
  • Personality trait
  • Skills
  • Intelligence
  • Interests
  • Motivations

By conducting a psychometric test on the candidates the recruiters can make sure that only right and proper people can get the chance to work for the company. This testing process is thus considered to be a very useful tool in assessing the candidate and their development and growth once they become a part of the organization.

If the psychometric test is reliable enough, then it will evaluate the applicant and provide some important and objective measure of the human characteristics. These tests are very good in making an adequate estimate of the candidate performance on the job during the time of the selection and recruitment.
When this testing is used with the combination of some other stages of selection process like a face to face interview; then the recruiter can get a holistic view of the candidate’s likelihood to get success in the job (when they are offered). There are 3 types of tests included in the psychometric testing. They are:

  1. Aptitude and ability test
  2. Skill and attainment test
  3. Personality test

Even though the psychometric testing have been used widely and have a very effective impact in the hiring process; there are a few instances where its effectiveness has been questioned. In cases of countries where the demand of job openings are far more than the job supply and the number of applicants are really large for one job opening; this psychometric testing can be really helpful. Here the organizations use this testing process so that they can screen the candidates to gain very fast and accurate results.

These tests are actually a great way to save time and also reduce cost per hire. At the same time, the final result of the hire also has more quality and there has been a considerable improvement as well. The psychometric test has more or less a good performance record when it comes to the hiring process.

Pros of Psychometric Assessment

    1. This testing has a proper objectivity and standardization and so when this test is conducted; they provide almost accurate results. Also, when it comes to judging that if a candidate is appropriate for a job role or not, they play a very vital role. Different job profiles need different sets of skills and personality traits. Like; if a company wants to hire someone for the business and sales development position then a few of the desired qualities would be self-motivation, social astuteness and strategic thinking. On the other hand there will be need for someone who has a good sociability factor when a job profile is for the audit sensitive accounts. There are proven and validated psychometric tests that can end up with reliable results. It can help the HR department to know for sure that which applicant will be good enough for the job. This is not possible in a face to face interview.
    2. The other advantage of a psychometric testing is that they are very cost effective and at the same time they are easy to deploy than the other means. They can do the hiring fast as well. In a traditional method it can take several months to gather some important information about a person and a good psychometric assessment can do that in a couple of hours. so, they can save the costly mistakes that a company can do by going for the traditional recruitment process in the long run. Be it hiring the new employees or for the development and growth of the existing staff; a psychometric assessment can also contribute to avoid the high costs which arise due to high turnover and poor performance of the employees.
    3. A psychometric testing can also help an organization to maintain as standard when it comes to objectively measures personality traits and aptitude. Once the recruiters have the test results, they can easily explore their other points of concern by conducting some face to face interviews. This proves to be very useful if one wants to evaluate the candidate further in some other specific areas of detail. This testing process is also a very efficient mean to know what the strengths are and weaknesses of a candidate are before taking them on the vacant role. So, the recruiters can also know how to manage them on board. It helps the company to grow better.
    4. There are many candidates who may be shy or introvert but when it comes to a certain job profile, they may be the right candidate. This psychometric test can give them a fair platform to get recognized. Also, the recruiters will not get tricked by some overconfident candidates who come up with some pre-prepared answers for an interview.

As a result, there is hardly any chance that the recruiters can go wrong in hiring a candidate when they are using a psychometric test as their recruitment tool. But yes, there are many kinds of psychometric testing that are available in the market and many of them are not authentic. So a company needs to have some trained professional who can distinguish the authentic testing tool from the incompetent ones. Otherwise, there will be no point in conducting it.