1st positive cases, 3 infected in Goa with CoronaVirus

Goa Coronavirus

India favourite tourist spot for every foreigner has reported 1st positive cases and about 3 of the infected with the coronavirus. It is hard to believe that, after reporting the lockdown of 21 days update, on the first day itself, a positive case from the tourist spot is hard to overcome. As there were people are coming from various region to make a relief on this place. Not only the people of India, but there were also many foreigners living with their families for a long. Ages of 25 – 29 and an older guy who is 55 years old affected the Covid 19 coronavirus.

Goa Corona Virus Updates in detail

Day 1 of #stayhome for 21 days of shutdown update really an indigestible for everyone there because of any reasons. However, the government declared such notice of complete lockdown to ensure the safety of people in India.

It has been reported that by the Goa medical college hospitals that situation will get worst if people don’t follow what government officials say. Even though, they have been stated that they were trying the best to bring the positive affected to back to his normal life. Now the reported patients are all male and those who in touch with these patients are under observation and collected the blood sample for preparing the report.

Chief Minister of Goa, Mr Pramod Sawant stated that the officials will be giving the right and was given the right direction to kills this virus away from the city. Even though, he stated that best treatments will be given to those undergone isolation and even reported with positive results as well.

Well, the patients are following the doctors and health department advice which is yet another notable thing. Even the police officials are strictly following the guidelines given to make sure that the public shouldn’t be panic about this issue.

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