Apply for Movement Permit Registration in Dubai : Coronavirus


Movement Permit Application: The worst memories of Coronavirus in UAE still effecting many and the UAE government initiated strict notice today. As the virus action still growing day by day and still not under control. A couple of days ago the UAE government initiated a lockdown for 24 hours for 14 days. The reports appeared concerning the positive cases of COVID 19 sounds horrible for each UAE people. A complete lockdown for UAE has been implemented and however, the new process is to experiment. This is to make a good old day for UAE to pick back and the government is initiating it in its best manner.

Updates Forwarded by Government for Movement Permit Registration in Dubai

As it can be seen that UAE polices has been reported a couple of hours ago in the official update, that still people are simply going here and there for a simple reason. In fact, the complete lockdown is simple for some people out there still. However, the government initiating the strict notice of movement permit for all people. In fact, in order to go out for any purpose, the UAE people need to have this permit along. It is unnecessarily people are going out for supermarkets, pharmacies and for other purposes which were not important. Each and every official keep on saying its a bad approach that people going out for supermarket and all daily.

Government of UAE has locked down every important place already where people unite at the weekends and all. In fact, still, the virus issues have been increased and as per Today’s update [6th April 2020], the most number of cases reported as new. This movement permits in UAE for citizens and even for non-citizen while we he/she walk on pedestrians or even with cycle. This is the official update released a couple of hours ago and it has been gone official breaking update now.

Steps to Apply for Movement Permit Registration in the UAE by Dubai Police website

Follow the below bulletins for applying for movement permit in UAE to bring the country back from COVID19 issue. Please follow the same, if you want to apply for walking or want to walk over the pedestrians in all emirates of UAE.

  • Go to the portal:
  • You will be redirected to the official permit registration page and you have to mention: Movement Permit Registration that you need in Dubai.
  • If you want to apply for work, go accordingly by clicking on either the 2 options given below like as you see in the Dubai police website.

movement permit Dubai

  • If you click on work or personal, you will be redirected to a page will ask for the work or the reason.
  • Once selected the same, you will be taken to a form filling area, which is mandatory that you should be filled by yourself.

movement permit Dubai

  • Fill out the details as mentioned above correctly without any mistakes, you will be done. Once after adding the basic details, the transportation form has to be done accordingly as below.

movement permit Dubai

  • This is the application not only for the people of Dubai, but even its also for all the people living in the Emirate of UAE, but it is also mandatory to apply for this movement permit. Once everything is done, you need to update the same with the official mobile number for the updates and alerts.

movement permit Dubai

Accordingly for each and every individual in your family or friends should be mandatory to take this application. #staysafe and if you got any doubts concerning Movement Permit application, keep in updated with our comment form.