People wary of Quality & Hygiene than price – Suresh Nanda

People value safety

Since the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a major disruption in the food industry, Indian food culture may not remain the same as before. Suresh Nanda opines on the possible changes as an aftermath of the crisis. Binge-eating at cheap neighbourhood joints or gorging on street foods have been a part of our deep-seated eating culture. No matter how detrimental it is to our health, most of us would prefer devouring roadside panipuri to dining at a fancy restaurant having some foreign dish while abiding by the table manners and remaining prim and proper – something we are not accustomed to.

What people learned with Coronavirus Issue – How people facing it

While for some, the taste is the key factor in deciding where to eat, there are many price-sensitive consumers for whom regardless of how the food tastes, it ought to be affordable. However, for those ‘thrifty’ consumers, the norm may change once the Covid-19 crisis ends because now, people have become more mindful of hygiene than ever. “Moreover, with the food industry shaken up by the coronavirus outbreak, chances are that cost of food would escalate, thus ushering consumers towards quality restaurants than cheap outlets,” said Suresh Nanda. He further talked about how the eateries at Claridges Delhi have always maintained taste as well as hygiene of food at a ‘fair’ price for the gastronomes.

For instance, the ‘Dhaba’ proffers an authentic and unadulterated Indian meal in a five-star like setting and an ambience that reflects the crude origin of the dishes, thus making its way into the hearts of many people.

At this point in time, with restaurants and hotels being shut down, the consequences that follow may be drastic. However, is there a ray of silver lining shining through the dark clouds. Once the crisis is over, will the eating culture remain the same and if not, what trends will follow? Suresh Nanda anticipates that the food delivery business will increase in the coming times.

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Keeping up with the demands of millennial consumers who not only look for tasty and affordable meals but also one with an enriched experience. Top food-delivery brands these days offer scrumptious meals prepared by top chefs. This trend is likely to continue making greater headway after the present difficult situation settles down.

Final verdict

However, come what may, the prime focus of the hospitality industry is to offer its customers a wholesome experience. On that note, the hotelier added that regardless of the disruption the pandemic may cause, Claridges will brace up and ensure that their company continues to deliver unparalleled customer service and a delectable culinary experience at an affordable price.