How to protect your car from the sun damage


We all know how exposure to sunlight has an extreme impact on human skin. But this consistent exposure to sunlight and extreme temperature is also detrimental for your car. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun have the potential to damage human skin and these rays can even oxidize your car paint which results in an old and worn outlook. Especially when you keep your car in the hot sun for a longer period of time. These rays can damage your car’s dashboard and seats. In order to cater to this, you need to find quality car parking shades that do not merely protect the dashboard and seat but also the car finish and engine, as well as they, are also at high risk of damage.

The atmosphere of UAE has a desert climate that comes with mild winters and very hot, shiny summers and 85% of the humidity makes the heat unbearable. Therefore, there is a definite need for such car parking shades suppliers support that prevent car damage due to adverse climate conditions.

Versatile car parking shade designs

Car parking shades are necessary not only to prevent from hot sunlight but also to increase the resale value of your car by protecting the paint from being exposed to slow damage. In this way, the life of your car will also be increased. For car parking shades design, you have a variety of customized options as well. Car parking shades are a basic need in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE. Car parking shades suppliers can help you to choose the best car parking shed for the location as they know which kind of fabric, material, and design will work best. The custom designs and versatile car parking shades also enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

Car parking shades have a variety of designs such as,

  • Umbrellas parking shades
  • Wall-mounted shades
  • Pyramid cantilever
  • Flat sail cantilever
  • Cone type cantilever

Umbrellas parking shades help you protect the interior of your cars such as dashboards, seats, and other expensive car accessories. It can also prevent your car from heating up and maintain car internal temperature.

Heat protecting car parking shades fabric

When the summer is on its peak, it is significantly important to install parking shade structures to provide an extra layer of protection for the cars. Installing such shade solutions in high-temperature areas can help to block the sun rays from directly damaging the car exterior. It also helps in decreasing the temperature. There are many different kinds of car parking shades fabric and materials such as PVC and HDPE to protect the car from sun damage.

A knitted fabric known as PVC fabric material is mostly used in the installation of parking sheds. This fabric has tiny mesh holes that allow the airflow through the fabric. Such quality fabric offers UV treated and waterproof material to safeguard the car from external damage due to high heat. Car parking shade structures offer a good shady place for cars such as Shelter Tent is doing best in this industry. In fact, this will escape the heat and avoid colour damage and heat exhaustion.