BevQ App download for Kerala liquor Booking Online


Are you looking forward to Kerala liquor booking BevQ app download? You made the right spot for finding what’s BevQ app and how this can be downloaded from Google play store and iOS store. If you didn’t find the same, no need to get worried about the BevQ app online. As it is made free for Android and Apple iOS users [iPhone/iPad]. As the COVID 19 issue made the Kerala government make this kind of app to break the chain. Technical team on BevQ app is still working to bring the best liquor booking online much better manner.

Besides, it is the right decision made by the Kerala government for the release date of BevQ app. Furthermore. this will be changing the world in many ways if you consider this as in a positive manner. There were millions of people out there in Kerala coming daily to the beverages for buying the liquors. So many of them gone lockdown because of corona and attitude of using these liquors as been changed. This introduction of Online app for liquor purchase is the intention of Kerala government is just to break the chain. Obviously, the dream is getting true and the app is approved by Google play store and in the iOS app store.

Download Kerala BevQ Liquor app for Android and iOS – Kerala Liquor app Review

The Kerala state government possessed, through the issuance of a tender, requested an application from those responsible to cooperate in BEVCO’s implicit queue management system solution. How to download the BevQ app for android is no getting the solution for your question. If your smartphone or the gadget not supporting after the app turning Live. Proposal for the liquor app made on the Google play store on Friday. However, Google considered the app for taking advantage of break the chain. As a matter of fact, those who can’t survive with liquors is at the happiest moment.

Developers making some bug fixing and app is bringing in the best condition for the user-friendly experience. This BevQ liquor app will be performing with respect to the local Pincode of the user’s area. besides, the e-ticket given in the app will notify the user of the exact date, time as well as the location of the liquor shop wherever he/she should join. Oh. Wow. That is getting unreal and obviously, its the fact that state government is appreciating that.

BevQ Liquor Online booking apps features and review

The app is built and people all over the world can download for free of cost from the iOS app store and in Google play store. Google and Apple are supporting the same in terms of social distancing strategy put forwarding by Kerala government of this app. However, this is giving obviously a great feature for the users who download the app.

  • Kerala beverage cooperation allowing users to download for Android and iOS.
  • No need to wait in a beverage outlet in a long queue for liquor while you using this app.
  • Virtual token facilitating for the users who register with Aadhar card.
  • Obviously,  the app tracking the user GPS location to deliver the product at the easiest on mentioned day and time.
  • Whatever the outlet price, the same price for liquor will be reflecting and can buy at the easiest.

BevQ User Manual Guide – How the installation and buying online using App

For Sign-in Process- the Bevq user should follow the process to buy Liquor or Wine/Beer online using the app as following.

BevQ App user guide

Once you registered – an OTP will reach your phone message box and you are advised to enter it successfully as shown.

BevQ App user guide

Now you redirect to the booking outlet to find the type of beverage which you require. Enter the pin code and check for the brand you need and book the slot.

BevQ App user guide

User will receive a confirmation after booking the same the beverage. Besides, you will be redirected to the page with the details of the user with a successful process.

BevQ App user guide

Finally, the item will be reaching you at your location as mentioned in the booking. Enjoy the hassle-free booking on android and iOS for the BevQ app for free.

Conclusion –

The app BevQ is made free of cost and with a single sign up after the purchase, users will be experiencing best. Like as said above, the process will be executed by this app made for those who no more need to stand in front of beverages.