An Innovative Guy – EdwinElCapotv


From ancient times, people came in front of the audience and faced them in reality by performing in front of them. People came on stage and got fame after showing their talent correctly. But nowadays the time and technology are running so fast and making ways for the people. The ways from which a person can show his skills from far away.

Internet technology is improving day by day. Because everyone is using the internet almost 15 to 20 hours of the day. People are making different platforms for themselves. They are persuading ways to impress their talents in front of the world.


YouTube is an online video sharing platform where people upload videos of them or some creativity. It is a platform where people are showing their talents, skills, and making money and fame for themselves. About 15 years ago, this platform took place with other apps and persuaded an eye-catching effect on the people. People start making youtube channels and getting charms from it. Channels got subscribers and in this way, the people on youtube who upload their videos also get fame with this.


A famous YouTuber “Edwin Hernandez” is also known as Edwinelcapotv. A youngster who is making his name in this world and also making ways for other people of this generation. He is doing that type of work from which he is representing his skills to the world. All the things happening in the world are just because of some solid reasons. In the same way, if someone is getting fame in this world is just because of his considerable skills.

Edwin Hernandez was born on March 18, 1994, in New York. He is a Latin Actor who is influencing people through his styles, looks, and acting skills. He makes videos and uploads them on the internet. He is also known as Entertainer because he is entertaining his fame and the world by his actions and words.

While entertaining the people, he gets in search of making more unique ways to entertain people through his work. Then he starts doing pranks with people. Later on, when he came to know that his pranks are also a source of entertainment, he became a Prankster for his peoples.


How he gets fame in Youtube Industry:

When you work hard and keep on doing work on a specific thing to get to the point where you can achieve your goals properly is the key to success. Edwin Hernandez does work hard on his goal. Later on, a point comes when his one video becomes a source of super-duper fame around his people. One of his most viral videos was when he faked winning the mega millions lottery. It was just an act that led him to great success. He got views and likes around millions.

As a Prankster, he does pranks with many people. Like he used to do pranks as an Uber driver and he does pranks with the passengers with his considerable acting skills. He behaves like a crazy person and makes moves and facial expressions from which the people traveling in his car get scared. This fear leads his pranks to be more successful. These prank videos got millions of videos just because of his plan and act.

Edwin Hernandez is working on a good project which is called Karaoke on wheels. It is a project where he takes interviews and does karaoke with famous Latin and his panics artists. In other words, this is a project full of skills and activities.  

While moving in life, people make changes and give chances to other people to make life better than earlier. In the same way, Edwin Hernandez includes a beautiful famous Dominican YouTuber MamiRosetv, the love of his life. 

Now he is also making some tangible ways to make his whole while making accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to impress the world more with his acting skills. You can find him on Instagram using his username that is, edwinelcapotv.