EdwinElCapoTv – A Shining Star of This Generation


A person shines like a star when he used to start taking steps in his career, and after some time, he was leading his steps more efficiently and prominently. At the same time, growing like a star also has to keep in mind some rules and regulations of the world because you are influencing the young generation of the world. Internet technology is making improvements for almost 15 to 20 years. It also involves the people of the world towards itself just because of the guideline or some modern features they are providing to us.

The whole world is working and developing on the internet and technology. People are making different platforms for themselves. They are persuading ways to impress their talents in front of the world.


There are many platforms where people are representing themselves more efficiently. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube are the platforms where you can post videos and pics according to your and people’s interest and can make your name in a different type of skills.

Nowadays, youtube is trending around the world while it is an online video sharing platform where people upload videos of them or some creativity. It is a platform which is taking chances for the people for the past 15 years—a platform where people are showing their talents, skills, and making money and fame for themselves. Videos on Youtube Channels persuades an eye-catching effect on the people. People start making youtube channels and getting charms from it.


A YouTuber EdwinElCapoTv :

Edwin Hernandez is a promising YouTuber, and he is handling his youtube channel Edwinelcapotv which leads to 642K subscribers. He used to upload videos of different types like entertaining videos, prank videos, and videos full of the act.

Edwin Hernandez was born on March 18 in New York in 1994. He spent his childhood, teenage years in New York. Edwin Hernandez carries a beautiful relationship with Dominican YouTuber MamiRosetv. She always supports him in every field of life. Edwin Hernandez is making more ways to take his life correctly.

While moving into the Youtube industry, people have to take care of their respect and impression of the people of the world. He is making his feet strong in the Youtube Industry while doing work with different artists. Edwin Hernandez is in a sweet and beautiful relationship with Dominican YouTuber MamiRosetv. She supports him in every field of life while in pranks, Youtube videos, or other projects of life.

Edwin Hernandez is a Latin actor who impresses people through his actions and moves. The lifestyle or dressing style he used to carry is relatable to a Latin actor. People who watched his videos with daily routines enjoy his pranks which he has done as a Uber Driver. He is also working on some new project which takes him in another and more talented way. He has appeared on shows like Caso Cerrado on Telemundo.

Edwin Hernandez is working on a new project named Karaoke on wheels. Moreover, he is so good at taking interviews from different personalities and doing karaoke with Latin artists. They were a little bit in panic, but he can control the mood swings easily.

Shining Star: 

The Shining Star of this generation is making efforts to introduce him on the other platforms of the world. He starts making his accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. You can find him on Instagram using his username that is, edwinelcapotv. He is making efforts, and he will be brought fruit at a specific time of his life. He is struggling for the career of the youngsters to lead in the right way. He is also making ways to get a verification badge on his social accounts. To stay connected with his life updates, watch his videos regularly.

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