Mamirosetv: A YouTuber with the best pranks


Achieving and demanding big in life is not an easy task. It may seem simple, but it is not easy for everyone. Some people are born with some special skills, and they use their expertise and success in their life. But without brilliance, it is not easy to get success. If you work hard to chase your dreams, then nothing is impossible. These people are daring, and they know how to rise again after failure or some serious incidents in their lives. Everyone is facing some problems and tensions; bringing a smile to others’ faces is not an easy task. People love to enjoy watching pranks and fun videos. Yes, we are talking about a prankster, Mami Rose.

About the YouTuber

This world knows her as a famous YouTuber who is famous for making videos about her life, routine, and some pranks. All these videos are highly famous on YouTube, and the lady is getting millions of views. She thinks that she will be a successful woman because she utilizes social media to influence others. Her videos are highly famous, and she is enjoying a huge fan bank and millions of people who are watching her videos on MamiRoseTv. Isn’t it great about the lady?


Personal Life

She came to the USA in 2005. Mami Rose was born in Moca, Dominican Republic. She is a mother of two children aged eleven years and seven years. Both are part of her videos. Her elder does not like to participate in the videos, but the younger child always tries to catch her fans’ attraction. Not only this, her fans love her children too, and they always want them to appear on the videos. Her fans like her kids when she brings them in her videos.

There is one more interesting thing about the lady that she is in a relationship these days. Yes, you will be amazed that she is in a relationship with the YouTuber EdwinElCapoTv who introduced her to the entertainment industry. It has made her famous on social media. This is the factor that has made her popular on social media. But the story has not finished yet because all her fans appreciate the lady. After all, she has appeared on a TV show. It is great news for her fans.

Professional life

The world admires the lady because she is a famous Dominican YouTuber as well as she is a blogger, prankster, and actress. Therefore, she has become a public figure now. We all know that she is not a common woman. She is a mother of two children, and in the world, she is working and living with a great spirit and courage. She has not got her fame in some days, or it is not a matter of a night. She has struggled a lot, and it is the prime focus of her life that she never gives up.

If you view her videos, you will learn more about the lady and her sense of humor. Her fans love to admire her because the lady is creative since they enjoy watching her videos. She is a successful actress too. In the showbiz, it is not simple and easy to make space. But she has made her space in the showbiz industry and is attaining a huge fan following. Her charming appearance and attractive personality are the major causes to make her popular on social media and TV media. You can follow her on Instagram and other social networks. Her username on Instagram is mamirosetv. Visit her account and view her profile for more information about the celebrity.