5 Convincing Ways to Take Care of your Stomach

stomach health

Our mysterious stomach is on the left side of our upper abdomen. Being a fully functional organ, it has a responsibility of digesting all the food we are consuming. There’s nothing wrong in calling out the stomach as the most intimate organ of our complex body. Having the power of altering its size and shape, makes it a way bizarre. We are in need to gain more knowledge about our stomach features, its functions and some of its severe diseases.

My perspective regarding my diet and my healthy stomach got changed a year ago, when I was working in Mamji hospital, Karachi. I came to know that most of us aren’t aware of various causes, diseases and their chronic effects. It was such a learning experience for me that I managed my diet plans efficiently after that work period. These innovative steps helped me in taking care of my stomach, keeping it healthy and making the digestion process easier. Together, we will learn more interesting facts about our Stomach.

Functions of Our Stomach

First of all, before discussing the ways to look after our stomachs. It’s pretty important to be aware of the functions performed by this vital organ. Some of the crucial functions are as detailed below.

  • Digestion of food, primarily proteins is the prime function.
  • Stomach stores food temporarily
  • The movement of muscles in stomach walls helps in the mixing and churning of food.
  • The release of HCl aids in killing toxins and microorganisms.
  • Mucus secreted assists the protection of the internal wall of the stomach.
  • Pancreatic juice and gastric juices released have certain enzymes to digest different food items.

Effects of Neglecting the Health of Our Stomach

Keeping an eye on our health and our regular doctor check-up has become a necessity in such a period of dreadful diseases. In this menacing condition, we can’t risk our health by neglecting some important factors. A few of the mild and chronic problems that can occur are:

  • Facing the issues of Stomach Flu
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
  • Peptic Ulcer of the stomach
  • Being Sensitive to Gluten
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Hemorrhoids

So, to avoid these problems, we have to make a plan, take a few steps and stick to them.

Convincing Ways to Take Care of Your Stomach:

During my job last year, I got an amazing opportunity to work with the best stomach specialists in Karachi. During that period, I came across many methods to look after my stomach. I’ll share some of the ways I found most effective.

1. Making a diet plan

To take care of your body, your vital organs, and normal functioning, a proper timely meal is important. Take a few steps:

  • Stay more hydrated
  • Control your portions
  • Have high-fibre diet
  • Intake of meals on the proper time
  • Fruits like bananas
  • Sweet potatoes and chicken
  • Almond
  • Eggs

2. Managing stress

Stress management is necessary for our overall health. Anxiety and depression trigger the release of many hormones in our bodies. Muscles Cramps can be induced by taking more stress. Furthermore, it causes effects like diarrhea and constipation.

3. Habit of exercising

Staying physically active always helps. Walking and exercising regularly prevent many issues like bloating. It gets difficult for a few people to stay consistent in their exercise routine, hiring a physical therapist can help in this case. Sit-ups are proven to be a good exercise for keeping your stomach healthy.

4. Encompassing probiotics

Doses of probiotics are helpful for boosting our health system. Their function is to kill off the harmful bacteria in our stomach and helps in easy digestion. Probiotics themselves are made up of good bacteria.

5. Avoiding inadequate habits

To ensure good health, we have to strictly say good-bye to our bad habits. Some of the injurious habits are as follows:

  • Avoid staying up late at night
  • Stop consuming alcohol
  • Try to get rid of smoking
  • Avoid the junk and bakery food items
  • Sitting still for hours
  • Eating meal just before sleeping

Guaranteed Good Health!

By making yourself stick to these steps and following them ensures a healthy stomach. Your healthy gut and easy digestion lead to overall physical and mental health. Keeping yourself educated about your body organs, their diseases and ways to protect them has become requisite in this age. So, we will love to agree with the saying of Sherry A. Rogers,

“The road to health is paved¬†¬†with good intestines!”