An exclusive interview with Jake Geruson

Jake Geruson

In this article, we are going to focus on a 15 years old boy, a former basketball player and now an influencer named Jake Geruson. Despite his sports career, Jake has an Instagram fan following of 30,000. Jake had plenty of free time when he was in high school, he took advantage of his free time and started to work on his social media life. was started to work on growing his Instagram presence as he always believed that social media platforms are now the key to being famous and successful. He followed his Instagram account and made some good influencing out of it.

Fortunately, we had a chance of taking an interview with Jake Geruson and talked about his social media influencing life and how did he started from his basketball career and ended up being a famous social media influencer.

We asked him to tell us about his basketball career. He replied:

“I loved I idea of sports from the initial stage of my life. I loved basketball and I have played so many crucial matches during my career. I started playing basketball when I was 9 years old. I gave my career a boost and played in the national team of basketball for juniors. When I was playing for high school, I had a coach who was so good to me. He always helped me in improving my skills and shaping my whole personality. He helped me in making my place in the competitive team when I was in 7th grade. When I was promoted to 8th grade, I always wanted to be a part of high school level tryouts and my coach helped me in achieving that. Basketball was the only game that helped me in achieving everything I always wanted in my life. I wanted to be defined by my sport as basketball shaped my personality and made me stronger. Sports gave me the motivation I always wanted in my life.” – Jake Geruson

The interviewer asked why he had to quit his basketball career? He replied:

“Well, when I was at the peak of my basketball career, I felt some pain in my knees, and it did not look good. I was so concerned about my performance on the field and my performance in the practice sessions. My coach knew something is wrong because I could not give my best to my game. He suggested me to see a doctor and the doctor said if I continued my game like this, it can quite dangerous for my physical condition. I know I was giving too much to my sports. Doctors suggested me to quit my basketball career or it will not be good. It was the worse condition that I could face during that time. All those messed up thoughts started to haunt me during my sleep, my studies, and my social life.”

We asked him about how he started social media influencing? He replied:

“When I knew that I could not carry on my basketball career, I started to work on something else. Giving up was never my style of dealing with my struggles. So, I worked hard during my free time with all that physical pain. Soon, I was able to realize that there is something more with my personality. I saw some social media influencers who were doing good on their Instagram accounts. So, I decided to work as a social media influencer too. I initially signed up on social media just to stay connected with my closest friends, but after a while, I realized that I could do more of it. I worked on creating a community. That is where things started to get extended and my knowledge and experience of social media started to grow more and more. I used social media accounts just to hold myself to a high standard. I found that by publicizing my goals, I was much more likely to achieve them. I use my community as a way to push me to the best of my ability.

The interviewer asked him about his social media highest standards. He replied:

“As on social media, I just wanted to write about and post on something that has always been my best memories and moments about different things. Some people find it wrong, and they say that this is not the best thing to go for. I realized that it could help you cherish those moments and you try to get to them on daily basis. Holding myself to this highest standard has helped me in achieving my dreams. As some people trap under pressure when they have a huge audience to handle, but for me, it has been some good motivations when I see that so many people are following me and my advice.”

The interviewer asked him where does he see himself in the next 10 years? He replied:

“I foresee myself is picking something that I love, and working hard for it. When I was playing basketball, I worked hard, and as now I am a social media influencer, I am working hard too. Since I just started this career, I am open to new opportunities, and if I had a good one soon, I will work on it too. I will commit myself to work even harder for it.”

The interviewer asked him about the biggest lesson he learned in his career. He replied:

“When I was struggling with my physical condition, I realized that I should never give up on something. Moreover, when I became a social media influencer, I realized that no matter how hard you try, there is always someone lower than you, and always someone who is working harder than you.”

The interviewer asked him to give some advice to the youth who is trying hard on social media. He replied:

Well, I am not good at pieces of advice. But social media is a potential tool that you can get caught up in and filled with opportunities not visible. You have to be ready, and when you get an opportunity, push it harder than everything else.”