7 Ways to make money using your Smartphone


With the advancement of science and technology and the use of smartphones, it has become easy for many people to make money while sitting at home. This has become a supporting way to increase the income and have the extra earnings for special needs and purposes.

Smartphones have come with many apps which are ready to install and can be downloaded. There are lots of apps released in the market that create the possibility of earning money. With the increase in job search across the globe, there are many ways with which one can make money using smartphones. Some of these ways include:

1. Watching videos online and surfing the internet

There are a good number of websites and apps over the internet that can pay well for being on their sites. They either demand for watching the adverts and short video clips and other things. Some of the apps which can help you make instant money are listed below:

  • Swagbucks: This is one of the most popular apps. You can make money using this app while shopping, watching videos, and while answering the paid surveys. Also, you can redeem your money using PayPal or gift cards.
  • Fronto: This is another app that makes you read news, articles, product deals, and reviews and also watch adverts to earn coins or points. Also, you can achieve the bonus points using the app for downloading it as free and referring others too.

2. Sell your old and unused items online

You can sell those items that are not in use or not on your wish list anymore. You can sell them on various sites and can earn online cash. All you need to do for this is to take a clear picture of the item you don’t want at your home and place it online with the price tag. It will either ask for your phone number or the home address to receive the item. Below are some of the sites that ask for the same and sell your unwanted things online:

  • Jiji app: Jiji app is one of those apps that help the sellers meet the active buyers. You can take the snap of the item you don’t need anymore and do all the necessary steps that take you to upload the item on the internet. You just need to place the items in one category and sort it on the app, put a price tag, add the phone number and wait till the potential buyer contacts you.
  • Poshmark: Just like the Jiji app, it also makes you put a picture of your unwanted clothes to sell online and post them for sale. It is like the marketplace where you can buy or sell things online.

3. Online gaming:

For the game lovers and the crazy people who want to play any new game and try to connect with more people online, this is the best way to earn money for them. You can pay online, play games, and win more online digital cash. You can also give feedback or reviews to earn points. Thousands of gaming websites allow making online and create legitimate and guaranteed cash winning experiences. All you need to do is to research the best gaming apps and earn online reward points.

  • Playing Casino: It is one of the biggest industries in the world. It is famous across the countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. You can earn from billions of firms supporting the apps. It is one of the billion-dollar industries in India where there are several active players within the market. It is now possible to play casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots, and many more. Depending on your skill and gaming interests, you can choose the game that attracts your abilities and backgrounds.
  • Playing online on Qriket: You can spin the wheel in this app. You can also select the colors and spin the wheel. Although you can earn a significant amount in this app, this is one of the best ways to earn online and make money using reward points or coins.
  • There are lots of real money games that can make you win cash and help you earn extra income. And the best thing is some of them are certified which have online applications and advise against not promoting playing for only the purpose of making money as this may go deep with the laws and regulations.

4. By downloading the following apps using the smartphone

  • Locket: This app pays you while unlocking your phone. It places advertisements while your phone is locked on the home screen or the lock screen. You can swipe in one direction and can look for the advertisements, watch anything you like, and earn reward points.
  • Receipt Hog: Receipt Hog is the smartphone app for iOS and Android phones. It collects data regarding habits by analyzing the information uploaded on the app. It stores the information of what you do with your phone, and you can earn virtual coins with this app.

5. By becoming a virtual assistant:

You can work as a virtual assistant for someone who has a lot of work to do. Various freelancing sites like Upwork have listed virtual assistant jobs. Many individuals and corporate organizations are in search of assistance all the time. You can apply for it and become the one that helps to carry the things out for them.

6. By making YouTube Videos:

YouTube is known for lots of good sites and videos that can further help you earn extra income for yourself. You can simply put anything on YouTube and explore your skills among the audiences. You can take the audience by putting one kind of video over the app.

7. Become an online tutor

If you have enough knowledge to teach someone, then you can also adapt to become an online tutor and teach kids about the skill-enhancing techniques or anything you like. Sites like Teachee, Gurusiksha, tutor, etc. are a good way to start teaching online.

There are several techniques to make money online. With the advent of smartphones, people have a lot of things out of which they can make money. It can help you pay monthly bills and get the things with that you like to spend time on.