Driving Safety Tools for People With Mobility Restrictions

Driving Safety Tools for People With Mobility Restrictions

Did you know that people with mobility restrictions are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident? This is because they may not be able to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. While this can be frightening, many safety tools are available for these individuals who want to drive. If you have a disability that hinders you from driving safely on your own, there are other options besides giving up riding entirely! Some individuals find it beneficial to use public transportation or drive an adapted vehicle to keep moving without compromising their health or personal security.

Hand Controls

A car with hand controls. These are ready in manual and automatic models, allowing the individual to maintain full control of their vehicle while having limited mobility. Since these vehicles tend to be larger than traditional cars, they may also provide more safety for people who cannot get out of the way quickly enough when an emergency occurs, or you can use a remote rear view mirror that helps you see if you can’t turn or twist easily.


Ramps are another option for people who want to drive but have trouble navigating steps. Ramps can be installed at home so that the individual does not have to worry about going up and down stairs every time they get in or out of their vehicle, which is a great way to promote independence without compromising safety! When using ramps, it’s important to remember that there may be limits on where you can park your car if accessible parking spaces are limited. Be sure to check with local laws before installing one yourself, just in case.

A Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are a great option for people who want to drive but have trouble walking or standing for extended periods. These devices can be used indoors and outdoors, allowing the individual to maintain their independence while driving if they choose! However, you must know your local laws before purchasing one because some states do not allow them on sidewalks or bike lanes if they’re too wide. In addition, make sure to keep extra batteries charged at all times so that you never run out unexpectedly when using this device.

Swivel Seats

Swivel seats are another common driving safety tool for people with mobility restrictions. These allow the individual to swivel their seat around to stay aware of what’s happening behind them while driving, which is beneficial when trying not to get hit by other vehicles! It can also help avoid accidents if there happens to be an emergency and you need to quickly move out of the way or exit your vehicle safely.

Cane Holder

If you prefer using a cane but want more independence than relying on someone else all day every day, consider investing in a cane holder that attaches securely beneath your steering wheel. This allows you to keep your cane right next to you at all times, so it’s easily accessible should something unexpected occur while you’re driving. It’s also a great way to stay safe on the road by having it right next to you at all times so that you can quickly grab it if needed.

Wheelchair Lifts

If you use a wheelchair and want the ability to drive yourself everywhere, consider investing in a wheelchair lift that allows you to easily get into your car without having someone else carry or push you. These lifts come in various sizes and styles, so you have to choose one that’s best suited for your needs. If you need help deciding which is the right choice for you, consult with an expert who can assist.

Steering Balls

Another option for people who want to drive but have trouble using their hands is a steering ball. This device attaches directly to your vehicle’s steering wheel, allowing you to turn it left and right with the push of a button. This gives individuals more control over where they’re going since they can stay focused on driving while also maintaining awareness of what’s happening around them!

Dual Controls

While dual controls may not be as common as some other options, this one might make sense if both the driver and passenger in the car have disabilities that prohibit them from operating each pedal or switch. In these cases, having two sets allows both parties full access without compromising safety because someone else is always needed just so that another person can drive.

Over Ring

This device helps keep the driver’s hands-on or near the steering wheel at all times. It can be connected to a key chain, necklace, belt loop, etc., allowing them to easily grab it should they ever need their other hand for something else while driving! This is especially important for those who have limited mobility in their arms and shoulders and individuals with tremors that may cause them to drop things if not monitored closely.

These are just some of the many safety tools available for people with mobility restrictions who still want to enjoy driving themselves! While it’s important not to remember that everyone is at risk while on the road, these measures can make riding significantly safer if needed. Be sure to do additional research online before deciding which route is best for your specific needs and lifestyle. And always wear a seatbelt every time you get behind the wheel, no matter how safe everything feels! Follow the points carefully and if there is support, keep in touch with the Oakland lyft accident lawyer to support your needs, Obviously, it will be helpful.