Top-10 things to do in Cluj-Napoca


Romania, the country that has a lot of picturesque places for those who want to have a fun and engaging time in Europe! One of these locations worth visiting is Cluj-Napoca. This city holds such a specific vibe, it is a great destination for young couples that are in search of fun things to do in Cluj. Why? Well, one of 3 inhabitants here is a student, and therefore the place has a large number of pubs, bars, clubs and other interesting nightlife locations to go to.

Cluj-Napoca is the second biggest city in Romania, and as said previously it has a vibrant atmosphere, with young-hearted people. It is a calm city where people enjoy life at a slower pace than in Bucharest. Additionally, it is a fantastic location to see Transylvania’s top attractions. Cluj-Napoca is the ideal destination for a little city break because it has so many inexpensive low cost flights from all around Europe from avia discounters like:

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Now, let’s break down amazing spots to visit in Cluj as a young couple who wants to feel the crazy vibe of the city. I bet you will spend a great time in all these locations.

For example, you and your lover decide to spend a week in Cluj, therefore here are top things to do in Cluj. Believe me, those are one of the best!

Day 1

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The first day of a trip is mostly tiring, since you just came to the locations and are tired after a long flight. As a consequence, this day has to be spent in a chilling atmosphere.

Take your love on a free walking tour around Cluj. Some might consider it boring, but not here. The place itself holds a unique vibe, full of old and aesthetic buildings that easily amaze each and everyone.

If you ask some locals for a romantic spot or top places to visit in cluj, they will undoubtedly suggest Cetatuia Park as a must-see option.

Why this place? Well, when you get there you are overwhelmed with the outstanding view of the city, and let me tell you, it is absolutely mouth dropping. Not only you and your partner can have a lovely picnic there, but also you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

I think you guessed that it is located on a hill, as a consequence it also can serve as a good evening cardio. Just kidding! You might be tired after some hiking however the view as I said will not disappoint. The perk of this place is that you can easily see the city centre, and admire the nature this place holds: the amazing, huge hills, together with the beautiful meadows displayed near Cluj.

This is perhaps better than any city tour because from Cetatuia Park, you can glance round and see all the fascinating locations while still having a great time with your amore. How about planning a picnic there? I think it’s a fantastic idea. How do you feel about that?

Such romantic evenings bring new and perfect memories for a couple, so do not miss out on it!

Day 2

A new day in a new city. Do you know how to start such days? Right, at a cup of coffee, enjoying one of the best ones in Romania. Cafes in Cluj make really great coffee, I guess they have a secret ingredient!

A great option among other outdoors cluj napoca sightseeings would be visiting the Piata Unirii in the morning and grabbing a cup of coffee there. Drinking a cup of good Latte while looking at those mesmerizing buildings. Perfect.

The area around Cluj has many places to visit outdoors. One of the things to do around cluj is going to Apuseni National Park to the mountainous village of Belis. Why are tourists so drawn to this location? The answer is simple: this specific park is simply astonishing. This place amazes everyone because of its captivating natural beauty. Here, everyone can feel the wildness of the place and truly enjoy its unique vibe. It is a perfect spot for any true nature enthusiast. Its hundreds of caverns, lush, secular woods, and flower-covered glades provide a wonderful experience. What a great place for two lovers who want to visit and see new and intriguing places.

For brave people, Apuseni Natural Park has many impressive surprises. For example, in this location, you and your lover can try canyoning, and while doing it, you can look around and truly enjoy the beauty of nature. As I said before, this place is full of extreme activities, depending on your preference. If canyoning isn’t your thing, try kayaking on two of Apuseni National Park’s most famous rivers: Garda Seaca and Crisul Pietros.

Another spectacular location in this park is “Beliş-Fântânele”. While you’re there, you can do  boating or kayaking and spend the whole day relaxing.

Due to the fact that Romania is one of the Orthodox countries in Europe, another recommendation would be to visit the local monasteries in Apuseni Local Park: Monastery Râşca and Monastery Brâncoveanu Martyrs. This will give you a better understanding of local values and how people cherish their traditions. The monasteries are actually rather remarkable because each has unique decorations that set it apart. Take note of the drawings on the walls; they generally convey a certain story.

Day 3

For this day, the best option would be visiting an absolutely “Wow” location – a man made object that amazes with its immensity called “Salina Turda” – a kid-friendly underground amusement park inside a former salt mine.

It is located pretty close to Cluj, as a consequence it will be undemanding to go there. For a couple this trip will be something quite interesting, since you will truly discover new intriguing facts about mother nature.

The Cave’s name is rather funny, most tourists make funny memes about this and post on different social medias. Why not take some photos there and send them to your friends to share your travelemotions with them.

As said previously, it is a massive cave filled with salt. It is actually a fantastic place for people who have respiratory difficulties since the salty air cleans out all the toxins in your nose.

When the tour begins, you will descend into a mine as old as the Nefertiti. You will pass through a long, narrow tunnel that is quite cold. On the tour you will pass through the Rudolf mine. It’s a work of art!

This small tour will be a type of relaxation for you and your loved one since the place itself gives off a nice vibe, furthermore, this small excursion might even improve your health due to the benefits of the Salina Turda Romania salt mine.

When you come back to Cluj, a great idea to continue indoor activities would be to visit some local spas and saunas. In the area are some good resorts that can make your vacation a true blessing. Usually they have saunas and thermal baths that you will absolutely enjoy. You can also read the reviews to make sure you like the place you are going to. If you find a good one, please suggest it to others!

Day 4

After a tasty breakfast, a good recommendation would be visiting the local Botanical Garden in Cluj. Start the day by walking around it and discussing with your love about life and just relax and breathe in the fresh air!

The entire Botanic Garden is extremely beautiful, but the one that actually screams “WOW” is the Japanese garden. It is super unique and cute, walking around it feels like being a character from an Anime.

You’ll lose track of time walking around it. I assure you. The location is quite remarkable because it has a large variety of plants, around 10,000 in total. What an impressive number!

This day might be a chilling one since the next location will be a small but important place near Cluj – “Lake Tarnita”. Few might know about this specific location, but you are the special one!

Why is going there a great option for a relaxing afternoon? Well here you and your lover can do lots of engaging activities. For example, it is a great place for boating, jet-skiing, and fishing. After all those activities simply have a picnic and spend a carefree few hours sunbathing on a warm day.

When the evening comes the fun starts! Now, after a whole day full of relaxation, it is time to eat an absolutely delicious meal at some local restaurants. I suggest dining in the following places: “Zama” and “Restaurant Roata”. For a full understanding of Romanian culture you have to try the local dishes. Try Ciorba with Mamaliga, or a Placinta, just the thought of them makes my mouth water! The “Zama” restaurant has a cool interior, which is a combination of minimalism and traditional ornaments.

If the meal was tasty the rest of the night will be as good as the Mamaliga and Ciorba you and your lover tried!

Day 5

Maybe you’d like to spend one full day in Cluj-Napoca and go shopping. But before talking about this, let’s focus on your morning activities, which will be going to the “Animal Park”. It is such a cute date idea for you two. Imagine walking there and looking at the cute animals and taking funny photos with them. Perfect!

So my biggest suggestion would be visiting this location, Amusement Park “Moara de Vant”. The place is full of cute animals that are waiting for your hi and also for the snacks you bring them. There you can feed the animals, which is super fun and adorable at the same time. Imagine the happiness on your partner’s face when a cute pony will walk your way to eat that tasty and appetising carrot, cool!

This little trip will actually brighten your day and the shopping after will be spent in a joyful atmosphere.

Now, let’s move on to the interesting part.

Cluj is full of vintage stores and little shops full of outstanding pieces of clothing. What I love about this city is that you can easily find good stores and buy a lot of clothes for a small price. It is a win win! There are two big shopping malls in town where you can find brands like H&M, Stradivarius, Bershka and many others. The names of those two are “Iulius Mall” and “Vivo Shopping Mall”. The Iulius Mall is a big centre full of brands, there you can spend 3 good hours wandering around different stores in search for the desired piece of clothing. The mall includes over 230 stores, an Auchan hypermarket, Cinema City multiplex cinema with 10 auditoriums, food court, underground and overground parking facility with a capacity of over 2,000 places, as well as other relaxation destinations.

While visiting a specific city it is super important to have a small shopping trip, so you are aware of the local prices and fashion. So take a lot of money with you!

The other mall, Vivo Shopping Centre, is smaller in size but also with a diversity of brands and entertaining activities. The building resembles a fortress which is pretty unique.

Going shopping as a couple is so fun. Try it yourself. Help each other choose some great outfits.

Another suggestion would be walking around the old city and that place has few vintage stores. They are so petite, but with so much history behind them. In these stores you can find old handmade ceramics, beautiful paintings, vintage accessories. Such shops actually demonstrate the local culture and make you truly understand the local values.

The fifth day plan is mostly on the cute side. You and your partner can find something like this pretty engaging since all this time is spent together in a warm atmosphere!

Day 6

Since we are in Romania, the country of horror stories and vampires that are eager for your blood, the best suggestion would be to visit the Hoia-Baciu Forest.

A forest? Is there something interesting? And the answer is 100% YES!

The Hoia-Baciu forest experiences are haunted… Most of the people who have been there said that they saw some shadows or even heard voices… pretty spooky if you ask! It is located in the countryside. The forest is located in a valley between two rivers, surrounded by mountains. The area is filled with supernatural beings looking for fresh blood. Scary… The place actually has a dozen legends and stories that make you shiver each time you hear them. As locals say the forest is haunted by the restless ghosts of sinners who committed their horrible crimes here, and their souls are on the hunt for new victims.

An interesting fact is that a UFO was sighted there in 1968, which may explain why the forest is one of the creepiest in Europe.

If you and your partner want to have an interesting experience and get into this spooky atmosphere, you can take a night tour around the Hoia Baciu Forest. Such tours are popular among locals because they allow you to walk around in complete darkness with only a few lanterns and feel the vibe of the forest. It is such a cool trip; not only will you have the chance to visit truly unique locations, but also to find out if the legend behind Hoia Baciu Forest is true. Perhaps you will be the tourists who demonstrate that there are no paranormal activities…But the percentage of this happening is actually limited since that place is full of strange phenomena.

It might be cool if you and your partner made a video while you were there and described what you saw. As you know, some paranormal activities might be captured soon through the camera; therefore, why not try to film a short video about your trip to Hoia-Baciu Forest and tell the whole world about the beautiful and unique places Cluj has?

Day 7

After a night full of adrenaline, the best thing to do on the seventh day of the vacation would be to have a good, long sleep. This day is maybe the last one in the city; consequently, it has to be spent in a fine atmosphere while you two can have cute walks around the city, enjoying the presence of your love next to you. If it is raining and you’re sick and tired of  instagrammable places in cluj, do visit one a many museums in the city: Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, Gateway from under Feleac or Muzeon – Jewish History Museum.

On this day, you can visit the local bars where the locals spend their evenings. It is actually a student city, full of young people who definitely know all about things to do in Cluj at night:) As a result, the city has a great number of bars that serve high-quality cocktails. Also, at those bars, sometimes local artists have small concerts; therefore, it would be a great opportunity to get to know the local music.

I bet the city left many good impressions on you. It is an amazing location because each and every part of it has a specific history. This is why Cluj must be on your wishlist. After this trip, you will view Romania in a different way and understand why the locals are so in love with their area of residence. Be a part of this magic and live the best 7 days in an enchanting city, where each local citizen is there to help you out. Don’t miss out on sampling Romanian cuisine and falling in love with Sarmale, Mamaliga and Ciorba. It is sure that this vacation will unite you and your lover and make the trip unforgettable; maybe in the future, Cluj will be visited again by you two?

Depending on the season you choose to visit it and the weather you face during your stay, there are quite different indoor and outdoor activities to do. I suggest visiting it in the summer because there are many things to do and see. While coming here in the summer, you might get the chance to have fun at Electronic Music Concerts, which are pretty famous in the area. In the summer, there are so many of them, and local bands make a total boom at those concerts, so do not forget to note this down.

I Hope those were helpful for you. Have an amazing trip to Cluj and enjoy each and every day to the fullest! Stay tuned for more travel ideas and tips here with us.