NVIDIA Jetson Edge Devices Connect With Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub

NVIDIA Jetson Edge Devices Connect With Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub

In order to stay competitive, it is critical for businesses to stay current when it comes to tech. In particular, AI, automation, and edge devices should be utilized as a way to streamline operations, improve output, boost productivity, and keep costs down. The NVIDIA Jetson Orin series, in particular, can provide incredible AI performance for edge devices, including drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles that are used in many different industrial settings. These edge devices can connect to Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub, allowing you to integrate these devices securely. Keep reading to learn more about edge devices powered by NVIDIA Jetson that are Azure certified.

A Collaboration

Microsoft revealed in 2022 that they were collaborating with NVIDIA Jetson with Azure-certified edge devices. This can provide an enhanced user experience and mean both developers and clients are able to work on cutting-edge IoT edge applications. With certified devices to connect to the Hub, users can rest assured that their devices will work properly and be able to connect and communicate with other IoT devices in their edge systems to modernize business operations.

It is also worthwhile noting that you can get tailored NVIDIA Orin embedded systems for your specific requirements. Embedded systems specialists like things-embedded.com support the entire NVIDIA Jetson Orin Series and can customize systems with industrial-grade components and enclosures to protect your devices from challenging environments and potential issues like extreme temperatures, vibrations, and water. This enables your business to benefit from high-performance edge devices and robotics applications that will enable you to modernize and improve your business operation.

Getting both the customized solution and connection to the Hub means you get the most out of your devices and deploy advanced AI solutions at the edge, which meet an organization’s requirements.

Connecting Edge Devices

So, how can you go about connecting NVIDIA Jetson Edge devices to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub? It is important to read the accompanying documentation from both NVIDIA and Microsoft Azure as the tech frequently evolves, and you can receive detailed instructions. Typically, this will involve the following steps:

Create a Hub: If you have not already, you will need to create an Azure IoT Hub in your Azure account for management and accessing device data.

Install SDKs: You will then need to install SDKs on your edge devices to provide APIs that can interact with the Hub.

Register & Create a Connection: Next, you will need to register your edge device as an IoT device in the Hub. You can then establish a secure connection by using the SDKs and the credentials provided to you when the device was registered. You should then be able to send and receive data and create new IoT solutions.

It can be challenging for businesses to keep pace with technology when there have been so many amazing developments in recent times, but if you are going to do anything this year or in the coming future, let it be getting your hands on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Series. This will provide cutting-edge AI-powered edge devices which can be connected to Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub.